Kerry Dugan

Lecturer in Philosophy and Religion
education A.B.D., 1974, Philosophy, Tulane University; M.Ed., 1972, Educational Administration, Northeastern University
Mailing address 381 HO

Kerry Dugan has been teaching since 1969. For 25 years he was a Univac II programmer, a DEC -10, -20, VAX, an IBM 1401, 7074, DOS, OS, VM large-scale “legacy” operating-systems software specialist, and a data center associate director for both international corporations and academic institutions. During that time Kerry was also an instructor in both the computer sciences and philosophy. He left the computer field about 19 years ago, returning full time to his first love, teaching philosophy. He has completed all coursework for a PhD and also holds an M.Ed. In addition to being a member of the philosophy faculty and a senior lecturer at University College, Kerry has held adjunct positions at Tufts University, the City College of New Orleans, and the University of Massachusetts in both their CPCS College and its Philosophy Department.