Janet Randall

Janet Randall

Professor of English
education Ph.D., Linguistics
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Mailing address 425 LA
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Selected Publications

2010  Linking: the geometry of argument structure. Studies in Natural Language & Linguistic Series, Volume 74, Springer, Dordrecht. xv+325 pp. [paperback published in 2011] (PDF of errata list)

2007  Solving the re- mystery. TeachLing: Lesson plans on language and linguistics in K-12 education. http://teachling.wwu.edu/

2007  “Parameterized auxiliary selection: a fine-grained interaction of features and linking rules.” In Aranovich, R., ed., Split Auxiliary Systems: A Cross-linguistic Perspective. Studies in Language Series, John Benjamins, NY. 207-235.

2004  Acquiring unaccusatives: a cross-linguistic look (with van Hout, A., H. Baayen & J. Weissenborn). In Alexiadou, A., A. Anagnostopoulou & M. Everaert (eds.) Studies in Unaccusativity: the syntax-lexicon interface. Oxford University Press.

1992  The argument structure and syntactic structure of resultatives. (with J. Carrier) Linguistic Inquiry 23, 173-234.

1990  Catapults & pendulums: the mechanics of language acquisition. Linguistics 28, 1381-1406.

1985  Morphological Structure and Language Acquisition. Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics, Garland.

1984  Grammatical Information in Word Structure. Quaderni di Semantica. [International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Semantics] 5, 313-330.

1984  Thematic Structure and Inheritance. Quaderni di Semantica. [International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Semantics] 5, 92-110.

1983  Filling Gaps: Decision principles and structure in sentence comprehension. (with L. Frazier and C. Clifton) Cognition 13, 187-222.

1982  Dissertation: “Morphological Structure and Language Acquisition”; Proquest address: http://search.proquest.com/docview/303248360/fulltextPDF?accountid=12826

1980  -ity: A study in word formation restrictions. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 6, 524-35.


Selected Honors & Awards

1993, 1994  Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship

1981-83  Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship