Inez Hedges

Professor of French, German, and Cinema Studies
education Ph.D., 1976, Comparative Literature
University of Wisconsin
Mailing address 225B RP
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Inez Hedges is a professor of French, German, and cinema studies and the founder of the Program in Cinema Studies at Northeastern University. She teaches courses in film theory, German literature and film, French film, and the senior seminar in cinema studies. Her graduate film courses have explored such topics as surrealism, film as historical memory, the myth of Faust, and film noir. She was appointed as Stotsky Professor of Jewish Historical and Cultural Studies for 2006-09. Her most recent book, Framing Faust: 20th Century Cultural Struggles, traces the role of the Faust myth in some of the most important historical events and traumas of the past century: the rise of Nazism and the Cold War, but also the birth of feminism and of cinema, and the experiments of socialism and the avant-garde. Her previous books, Breaking the Frame (1991) and Languages of Revolt (1983), explored questions of film and philosophy while discussing art, literature and film. Her current research centers on cinematic, literary, and artistic representations of the deportation of more than 76,000 Jews in German-occupied France from 1940-44.

Selected Publications


Framing Faust: Twentieth Century Cultural Struggles (Southern Illinois University Press, 2005). Reviewed in Comparative Literature Studies, Socialism and Democracy, Das Argument, Goethe Yearbook Review, and others

Breaking the Frame:  Film Language and the Experience of Limits. Indiana University Press, 1991. Reviewed in Choice, The French Review, Womanspeak, Feminist Bookstore News,  Signs, and others

Languages of Revolt:  Dada and Surrealist Literature and Film.  Duke University Press, 1983. Reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement, University of Hartford Studies in Modern Literature, Film Quarterly, Journal of Modern Literature,  The Centennial Review, World Literature Today, The French Review, Revue belge de philologie et d’histoire, and others

Dramatic Works

Children of Drancy: a Montage of Voices, Performed by the Northeastern Univ. Department of Theatre in October-November 2007.

Children of Drancy DVD, distributed worldwide to Holocaust Museums and Memorials, 2009

Articles and Book Chapters

“The Cinematic Writing of Maurice Roche.” Visible Language 12 (1978): 341-80. “Translation and the Creative Process.”  Pacific Quarterly 5.1 (1980): 87-93. “Oedipus in the Labyrinth:  Urban Myths in Kafka, Donoso, and Robbe-Grillet.”

Proceedings of  the Ninth Congress of the ICLA. Innsbruck: 20-24 August 1980.

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“The Insurgent Writing of Gisèle Prassinos,” in Dada/Surrealism 18 (1990): 27-31; this issue was reprinted in book form (MIT Press) and also appeared in Chinese translation in 1996.  My translations of Prassinos appeared in the same issue.

“Méliès the Magician,”  in A Trip to the Movies: Georges Méliès Filmmaker and  Magician (1861-1938), ed. Paolo Cherchi Usai  (Rochester: International Museum of Photography George Eastman House, 1991).

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“Stan Brakhage’s Film Testament:  The Four Faust Films,” in Alexander Graf, ed., Avant-Garde Film (Amsterdam:  Rodopi, 2007)

Review article of Silvia Federici, Caliban and the Witch, Das Argument 271 (2007), 464-66. Review article on Boston  Palestine Film Festival, Socialism and Democracy 48 (2009), 208-11. Review article of Michael Löwy, Morning Star, in Das Argument 282 (2009)  673-75.

“Drancy: History, Memory, Representation.”  In Témoigner. Entre Histoire et Mémoire, Auschwitz Foundation (forthcoming)

Selected Honors & Awards

Recipient of a provost grant to run the Advanced Academic Learning

Community on the Middle East and the lecture/film series “The Middle East: Focus on Israel and Palestine,” fall 2008

Recipient of a provost grant to run the Advanced Academic Learning Community on the Holocaust in conjunction with my new play “Children of Drancy,” fall 2007

Stotsky Professor of Jewish Historical and Cultural Studies, 2006-9

DAAD Faculty Study Visit to Berlin, 1991

Fulbright Research Scholar, Verviers, Belgium, 1982-83

NEH Summer Stipend, 1980

Knapp Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1975-76

E.B. Fred Fellow, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, 1973-75

DAAD (German Government) Fellowship, 1968-69

Professional Associations & Affiliations

Modern Language Association

American Comparative Literature Association

German Studies Association

Institut für Kritische Theorie (Berlin)