Berna Turam

Associate Professor of Sociology and International Affairs
education PhD., 2001, Sociology
McGill University, Canada
Mailing address 225J RP
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Selected Publications

Books and Edited Issues/Volumes

Berna Turam. 2007. Between Islam and the State: the Politics of Engagement. Stanford University Press.

Berna Turam. Forthcoming. Etkilesim Politikalari:Islam ve Devlet Arasinda. Istanbul: Bilgi Universitesi Yayinlari. (Turkish translation of Between Islam and the State).

Berna Turam and Monica Ringer (forthcoming). Special issue, titled “Secular Muslims?” in Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, 29:3

Journal Articles

2013. “The Primacy of Space in Politics: Bargaining Rights, Freedom, and Power in an Istanbul Neighborhood”, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.

2009. “State and Society: Neither Lovers Nor Haters,” introduction to the Special Issue, titled “Secular Muslims?” in Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, 29:3, (with Monica Ringer)

2008. “Turkish Women Divided by Politics: Secular Activism versus Islamic Non-defiance”, International Feminist Journal of Politics, 10 (4).

2008. “Between Islamists and Kemalists: Ordinary Secular Citizens in Turkey” ISIM review, vol. 21, Spring issue.

2004. “The Politics of engagement between Islam and the state: ambivalences of civil society”, British Journal of Sociology, vol. 55(2).

Reprinted in Shahram Akbarzadeh (ed) 2006. Islam and Globalization. Routledge

2004. “A bargain between the secular state and Turkish Islam: politics of ethnicity in Kazakhstan”, Nations and Nationalism, vol.10 (3).

Book chapters

2006. “What has the secular state to do with Islamic revival?”, in Rabo Annika, Utas Bo (eds.) The Role of the State in West Asia. Swedish Research Institute Publication.

2003. “National loyalties and international undertakings in Kazakhstan” in Yavuz Hakan and Esposito John L. (eds.) Turkish Islam and the Secular State: The Global Impact of Fethullah Gulen Nur Movement. Syracuse University Press.


Berna Turam. “The Power of Nonconfrontation: An Understudied Subject of Islam and Democracy” in Ibrahim Abu-Rabi (ed.) Challenges and Responses of Contemporary Islamic Thought: The Contributions of M. Fethullah Gulen, SUNY Press.

Other Publications

2009. Book review of: Umit Cizre. “Islamic and Secular Politics in Turkey: The Justice and Development Party.” (Routledge, 2008) in Contemporary Islam.

2008. (upon request) Special Report on Political Developments in Turkey. World Book Year Book (the annual supplement to The World Book Encyclopedia), new edition.

2008. Book Review of: Edward Schatz. Modern Clan Politics. The Power of “Blood” in Kazakhstan and Beyond. (Seattle: Washington University Press, 2002) in American Journal of Sociology, 113:4.

2003. “The Nur movement”, Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World.

Under Review

“The State and Istanbul Metropolitan: ‘Spaces’ Torn Between God and Kemal?”

Books in progress

Berna Turam. Muslim Politics, its Allies and Discontents: The Anatomy of Polarization Edited Issues/Volumes in progress

Monica Ringer and Berna Turam. Crossing the Borders: “Unusual” Negotiations over the Public and Private.

Articles in Progress

“Headscarf Controversy: Divided University Campuses” presented at American Political Science Association, APSA 2008.

“Fear of Community Pressure: Pious Neighborhoods in Secular States, ” to be presented at MESA 2009.

Selected Honors & Awards

Winner of Best Article of 2013 by The International Journal of Urban and Regional Research for “The Primacy of Space in Politics”.