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Undergraduate Student Research Initiative

Undergraduate Student Research Initiative

The Undergraduate Research Initiative encourages undergraduate students in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities to carry out research and other creative work activities in collaboration with faculty members.  With the support of this fund, the College wants to help undergraduate students develop or enhance research skills.  In the best instances this would include: how to define the scope of a project and write a proposal, how to develop a bibliography, how to systematically collect data, how to understand or carry out data analysis, and how to write up results.

Support can be used for a variety of activities including the purchase of data or software, trips to archives, library cards, preparation of materials for presentation, etc.  Under certain circumstances, a stipend for the student might be appropriate.  Students must conduct research with a faculty member however that faculty member need not be in the student’s home department, program or school.

Undergraduate Research Initiative Application

Eligibility:  Any undergraduate major in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities is eligible. Generally awards are not renewable but under rare circumstances a grant may be renewed once.

Details of Award:

  • Amount awarded will be up to $1000 with the average award lying between $500 and $1000;
  • Award may aid any stage of the project;
  • Eligible requests include, but are not restricted to, materials and supplies, aid in data collection, or dissemination of work;
  • Successful applicants will be reimbursed based on the submission of original receipts;
  • Successful applicants must submit a brief progress report (up to two pages), including information on the use of the funds, within 30 days of the end of the semester for which the award was received;
  • Successful applicants are strongly encouraged to present their work at an on-campus venue such as RISE.

Deadline: The fund is operating with a rolling deadline.

Application Process: Fill out the application form and submit to Katelyn Federico (k.federico@neu.edu) via email. The faculty member must provide a letter of support for the project.

Application materials consist of:

1) Application form (add pages as necessary)

2) Itemized budget

3) Comprehensive resume

4) Letter of support from faculty sponsor (directly from the faculty member to Katelyn Federico)

(Please make a single pdf of items 1, 2 and 3)