Cooperative Education

Our undergraduate English majors often choose to take their learning outside the walls of the classroom and into the field.  Through a unique program called Cooperative Education, we prepare our students to test their skills, interests and the knowledge they have gained in the classroom, in real work settings related to the major. Our employing partners include publishing houses, law firms, public schools, communications firms, software organizations, government agencies and corporations and non- profits of all sizes. In any give semester, approximately 30 English student work in settings as close as Boston (where they continue to live in dorms) and as far away as China.

Students who choose to participate in a co-op semester take a one-credit course before they begin. The classwork explores the skills, tools and mindful-learning framework and is designed to support a student’s learning and success in whatever field he/she may choose. While on co-op, the English majors are gathered online as a virtual class and participate in a series of reflection discussions. Through evaluations and reflections, it is clear that English majors consistently experience a tremendous amount of personal growth, gain an array of valuable hard and soft skills, make strong connections to the curriculum and how it is applied in a real-world setting, and have deeper sense of where the major will take them, especially upon graduation.

Who advises English majors for co-op education?

The English Department’s co-op advisor is Ms. Lisa Doherty. Ms. Doherty office is located in 65 Lake Hall. She can be reached by phone at 617-373-3407 or by email at Please call or email Ms. Doherty to arrange an appointment. Walk-in meetings are sometimes available. Students can also access Ms. Doherty’s schedule through Northeastern University’s Calendar Online. Just type in your Student ID and PIN.

What are some examples of co-op jobs for English majors?

Where can I find more information about Northeastern’s co-op program?

For more information about Northeastern University’s co-op program, visit the Division of Cooperative Education and Career Development’s website at


Matt Baddour '14

English Major Matt Baddour, Class of 2014, was one of only 12 students from across the University to be named an Outstanding Cooperative Education Award winner for 2014. The students were honored at a formal ceremony in April.

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