Our Graduate Students

AfornalliJoanne Afornalli
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University
Program and Fields: PlusOne (BA/MA);

Param Ajmera
Previous Institutions: Denison University (BA, English Literature and Economics)
Program and Fields: MA;

Kayla Allen
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University
Program and Fields: PlusOne (BA/MA); fantasy, young adult, and feminist literature

Joel Armstrong
Previous Institutions: Western Michigan University (MA), Cornerstone University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Modern British literature, transatlantic modernisms

Neval Avci
Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts-Boston (MA), Fatih University, Turkey (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 18th century literature, children’s literature, early American literature
Dissertation (working title):  “Transatlantic Orientalisms: Triangulation of American, British, and Muslim Identities in Transatlantic Print Culture”

Paul Babin
Previous Institutions: Clark University (MA), Wheaton College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Renaissance Maps and Travel Narratives, Shakespeare, 16th and 17th Century English Literature, Critical Theory

Kathryn Bloom
Previous Institutions: University of Toronto (MA), Hebrew College (MJLS), Rutgers University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; middlebrow studies, intersection between philosophy and literature
Dissertation (working title):  “Fanfare for the Common Woman”

William Bond
Previous Institutions:
Program and Fields: PhD;

bristHeather Brist
Previous Institutions:
Program and Fields: MA;

Frank Capogna
Previous Institutions: Adelphi University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Modernism, Victorian literature, poetry and poetics, museum studies, literary theory and criticism, and archival studies
Dissertation (working title):  “Poetry after the ‘Museum Age’: Cultural institutions and aesthetic experience in modernist poetry”

Tabitha Clark
Previous Institutions: Carnegie Mellon University (MA), University of Maine Farmington (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;
Dissertation (working title):  “Documentary Modernism and the Storyteller”

Matthew Cote
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Modernism and postmodernism, Gothic fiction, confessional poetry, and modern philosophy

Jeffrey Cottrell
Previous Institutions: University of Oregon, Portland State University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 18th and 19th century American and Transatlantic literature, Atlantic colonialism, Antebellum literature and culture, Native American literature.
Dissertation (working title):  “Revolutionary Countergeographies: Contested Spaces and Geographic Writing in Antebellum America 1790-1861”

Nicole Keller Day
Previous Institutions: Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College (MA), Vassar College (AB)
Program and Fields: PhD; Women’s Scientific Writing, the Rise of the Novel, and Victorian Literature
Dissertation (working title):  “

Michael Dedek
Previous Institutions: University at Buffalo (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; rhetoric and composition, public writing, ethics, writing program administration, curriculum development
Dissertation (working title):  “Practicing Change: Innovative Curricular Practices in Writing Programs”

Ben DoyleBenjamin J. Doyle
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 18th and 19th century American print and performance cultures

Jimmy Duggan
Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts-Boston (MA), Emmanuel College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Dania Dwyer
Previous Institutions: Clark University (MA), University of the West Indies (BA), Mico University College (Dip.Ed)
Program and Fields: PhD; Caribbean literature and Postcolonial literature and theory

IMG_1593Heather Falconer
Previous Institutions: University of Glasgow (MLitt); Emerson College (MFA); Unity College (BS)
Program and Fields: PhD; rhetoric in science, literacy, WAC/WID

fitzJonathan Fitzgerald
Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts Boston (MA), Gordon College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Literary Journalism, 20th century American literature, Digital Humanities

Brigid Flynn
Previous Institutions: URI (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Aislyn Fredsall
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University
Program and Fields: PlusOne (BA/MA);

Erin Frymire
Previous Institutions: Skidmore College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Rhetorics of Law, Rhetorics of the Body, Human Rights Rhetorics, Language Politics, Composition Pedagogy, Visual Studies
Dissertation (working title): “State Violence and the Rhetoric of Other People’s Bodies”

ShanGB2015Shannon Garner-Balandrin
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (MA), University of Utah (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Early modern British Romance, Shakespeare, ecocritical and ecomaterial approaches to Medieval and early modern literature
Dissertation (working title):  “Into Something Rich and Strange: Early Modern Romance and Ecotheory”

KasraM. “Kasra” Ghorbaninejad
Previous Institutions: University of Tehran (BA, MA); University of Edinburgh
Program and Fields: PhD; early modern British literature, English Renaissance drama and Shakespeare, comparative studies, early modern Euro-Islamic encounters, Persianate literatures and cultures, Digital Humanities
Dissertation (working title): “The Poetics of Nation Formation in Tudor/Stuart England and Safavid Persia: Shakespeare and the Shāhnāmah

kristi student profile picKristi Girdharry
Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts-Boston (MA), University of Massachusetts-Amherst (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; archives, digital literacies and identities, translingualism, and pedagogy
Dissertation (working title): “Composing Digital Community Spaces: Design and Literacy Practices in/of the Archive”

Arsalan ul Haq
Previous Institutions: Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (B. Arch), Dartmouth College (MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 20th and 21st Century Literature, Modernism and Postmodernism in Design and Literature, Interdisciplinary Studies, Design and Writing Pedagogy, Literary and Cultural Criticism

Laura Hartmann-Villalta
Previous Institutions: Virginia Tech University (MA), St. Louis University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Visual Culture Studies; the novel; Spanish Civil War; 20th Century women writers; poetry; journalism; human rights discourse.
Dissertation (working title):  “British and American Women Writers and the Spanish Civil War”

Sarah Hastings
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (MA), University of Delaware (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 18th century British novel/Rise of the Novel, Enlightenment rhetoric and philosophy, gender studies, early modern feminist rhetoric, the history of marriage.
Dissertation (working title):  “‘Words are Women’: Marriage, Language and the Production of ‘Woman’ in Eighteenth-Century British Women’s Fiction”

Elizabeth Hopwood
Previous Institutions: Salem State University (MA), Connecticut College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 18th and 19th century American and transatlantic, Caribbean literature, Digital Humanities
Dissertation (working title):  “Eating the Atlantic: Nineteenth Century U.S. and Caribbean Literature and the Gastroaesthetic”

Dana Horton
Previous Institutions: Temple University (BA)
Program and Fields: African American Literature, Caribbean Literature, Multi-Ethnic Literature, Postcolonial Literature
Dissertation (working title): “Post-Neo Slave Narratives and Fictional Representations of Female Slave-Owners in Contemporary American Literature, Film, Visual Culture, and Music”

Laurie Kladky
Previous Institutions: Barnard College at Columbia University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Modernism and Translation

Lauren Kuryloski
Previous Institutions: Temple University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 20th century American literature and life writing, 20th century Caribbean literature, feminist theory, visual culture
Dissertation (working title):  “Deviant Acts: Women, the Body, and Performances of Madness”

Charlie Lesh
Previous Institutions: University at Buffalo (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Composition and Rhetoric, Critical Theory, Public Writing, Spatial and Urban Studies, Community Literacy
Dissertation (working title):  “Graffiti Writing, Space, and Publics”

AbbieAbbie Levesque
Previous Institutions: Lesley University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Postmodern literature, Modern novel, digital humanities, ethnic American literature, feminist literature

Rachel Lewis
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (MA), University of Massachusetts-Amherst (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Colin McCormack
Previous Institutions: Bridgewater State University (M.Ed), Providence College (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; English Renaissance, Devotional Poetry, and Holy Scripture in Literature

Christopher Myers
Previous Institutions: SUNY Buffalo (MA), University of Southern California (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;
Dissertation (working title):  “

jessica myersJessica Myers
Previous Institutions: Pennsylvania State University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Ancient Latin poetry and philosophy, transcendental poetry, and 20th century American literature

Asimina Ino Nikolopoulou
Previous Institutions: Columbia University (MA), Aristotle University, Greece (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Contemporary American literature, modernism and postmodernism, gender studies, African American and Caribbean literature, Latino literature, cinema studies and visual studies, cultural studies and literary theory
Dissertation (working title):  “Deciphering Dispossession Through the Visual In Contemporary Anglophone Literature”

Jonathan Osborne
Previous Institutions: Tulane University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Gregory Palermo
Previous Institutions: SUNY Geneseo (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Digital Humanities, Critical Race Theory, Masculinities, Sound Studies, African-American Literature, Contemporary British and Irish poetry

Victoria Papa
Previous Institutions: SUNY Albany (MA), Saint Anselm College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Modern and postmodern literature, trauma studies, visual theory, and gender studies.
Dissertation (working title):  “The Invention of Survival: Time and the Transformation of Trauma in American Modernist Literature”

Sarah Payne
Previous Institutions: Boston University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Modernism and Literature of the American South

Elizabeth Polcha
Previous Institutions: Florida State University (MA), University of Tulsa (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 19th century American literature, Caribbean literature, postcolonial studies, gender studies

Laura Proszak
Previous Institutions: Tulane University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Samantha Przybylowicz
Previous Institutions: Mills College (MA), Widener University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Victorian Studies and British Romanticism

William Quinn
Previous Institutions: University of Tulsa (MA), University of Arkansas (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Digital Humanities, Modernism, and Periodical Studies

Amanda Blair Runyan
Previous Institutions: California State University Chico (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 18th and 19th century American and transatlantic literature, Native American literature, African American literature, gender theory, critical race theory.
Dissertation (working title):  “Fashioned Femininity: Women, Colonialism and Dress in Transatlantic Texts”

Areti Sakellaris
Previous Institutions:  Northeastern University (MA), Connecticut College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; rhetoric and composition, archival studies, digital humanities, new media studies, modernism

Eric Sepenoski
Previous Institutions:
Program and Fields: PhD;

IMG_1287Zachary Shaw
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; literature and film adaptations, cinema studies, digital humanities, and 20th century american literature

katePatricia “Kate” Simpkins
Previous Institutions: New York University (MA), City College, CUNY (MA), University of Arkansas (MFA), Agnes Scott College (BA),
Program and Fields: PhD; Long Nineteenth Century American Literature; Transatlantic Literature; the Early Caribbean and Antebellum South; Diasporic visual cultures.
Dissertation (working title):  “The Absent Agronomist and the Lord of Poison: Narratives of Colonial Soil”

Kevin Smith
Previous Institutions: De Paul University (MA), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Digital Humanities, specifically digital archival methodologies; network theory; new media; community literacy; digital writing
Dissertation (working title): “Designing XML in the Composition Classroom”

Meg Tarquinio Roche
Previous Institutions: SUNY Albany (MA), Northeastern University (BS)
Program and Fields: PhD; Cognitive approaches to literature/art, adaptation studies, the digital humanities, multimodal criticism and composition, film theory, contemporary film and television, contemporary Irish poetry, British literature and film, music and literature, D. H. Lawrence Studies.
Dissertation (working title):  “The Pleasure of Intertext: Towards a Cognitive Poetics of Adaptation”

Kathryn Templeton
Previous Institutions: University College London (MA), University of Massachusetts Boston (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Modern American Literature, Photography and Visual Culture, Marxist Aesthetic Theory.
Dissertation (working title):  “‘Extending the Document’: Photography and Documentary Modernism in Depression America”

Lauren Thacker
Previous Institutions: College of the Holy Cross (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Irish Studies, Visual Culture, and 20th Century Poetry
Dissertation (working title):

Michael Turner
Previous Institutions: The College of New Jersey (BA), Rutgers University-Newark (MFA, Poetry), University of Massachusetts-Boston (MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 19th-century American literature and poetry; history of scientific thought, particularly neuro-physiological, in the 19th century; contemporary poetry; creative writing; writing center research

Ethan Whittet
Previous Institutions: Rutgers University (MA), Gordon College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 19th century American literature, New England, Regionalism, periodical culture, political philosophy, aesthetics, canonization.
Dissertation (working title):  “