How to Create a Student Organization

If you are interested in starting a College of Professional Studies undergraduate or graduate student organization, please find further information on the CPS Organizations page here.

Note for undergraduate and graduate organizations: All materials required to be considered for tentative recognition must be submitted by February 1, 2018. At that time, tentative recognition will close for the year, and will reopen in September 2018. The students who work with CSI staff to support the recognition process are not available during the summer, and the February deadline provides an opportunity for proposed new organizations to complete the official recognition process by the end of the academic year.

Step 1: Online Presentation and Quiz

Watch the New Student Group Workshop Online Presentation. To complete this training component of the recognition process, please complete this online quiz. Questions are based off of the content in the video below.

New Student Organization Presentation from Center for Student Involvement on Vimeo.


Step 2: Advisor

Locate a full-time member of the University staff or faculty to serve as your advisor.


Step 3: OrgSync Profile

Create your organization profile on OrgSync.  Once logged in, click on “Browse Organizations” and “Register New Organization” to create your profile.


Step 4: Letter of Support

Submit a letter(s) of support to the center at  Depending on the classification of your organization, the author of this letter may vary, but typically are required as follows:

  • Philanthropic + Community Engagement
    Becca Berkey or Hilary Sullivan, Center of Community Service
  • Religious + Spiritual Organizations
    Alexander Kern, Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service
  • Club Sports
    Nick Avery or Drew TaylorCampus Recreation Office
  • Fraternity/Sorority
    Emily Cunningham, Center for Student Involvement
  • International + Cultural Organizations
    Megan Compaine, International Students & Scholar Institute
  • Academic Enrichment Organizations
    Experiential & Professional Organizations

    Please contact the Dean of the College (or the Dean’s designee) most closely related to your organization’s mission.
  • Advocacy + Global Impact
    Competition + Skill-Based
    Creative + Visual Arts
    Northeastern Community Connection
    Outdoor Adventure + Wellness
    Performing Arts
    Political Action
    Print + Broadcast Media
    Special Interest Organizations

    Please contact your faculty or staff advisor to provide a letter of support.

If your proposed student organization is a chapter of a national organization, a letter of support (or charter) from the national organization will also be required.


Step 5: Membership Roster

If your student organization has 12 members, please complete the Membership Roster form.  If your organization has fewer than 12 members (after receiving tentative recognition), 12 students must “virtually” join your organization on OrgSync.  This step must be completed prior to recognition.


Step 6: Tentative Recognition

Once all previous steps are completed, your organization’s request will be reviewed.  Organizations that pass the review process will receive tentative recognition.


Step 7: Presentation to the Board

Once you have obtained tentative recognition status, an SGA (undergraduate organizations) or GSG (graduate organizations) member will assist you in creating your constitution and preparing for your presentation to the full board.


Step 8: Recognition

Following your presentation, SGA or GSG will make the final recommendation to the Center for Student Involvement regarding your organization’s status.


Need assistance during this process? Please contact us at 617-373-2642 or via email at


How to Restore an Organization That is Archived

Organizations become archived after they have missed two registration deadlines.  If the most recent registration date for an archived group surpasses two years, the group will need to proceed through the steps highlighted above.  If the most recent registration was less than two years ago, the constitution needs to be updated, and new registration materials need to be completed.  For more information, please email us at