As a leader in global education and innovation, Northeastern University is committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Participation in student organizations is paramount to the university’s leading education model and provides participants with additional experiential opportunities outside of the classroom. To better support our student organizations as they continue to be innovative forces on campus, the Center for Student Involvement has developed a model that provides our more than 325 student-run organizations with the opportunity to discuss important topics relating to the operation of their organizations while also providing an outlet for key leaders to come together and collaborate with faculty, staff and fellow leaders.


Leadership Council Chair: TBD

Advocacy + Global Impact

Leadership Council Chair: Shaya Poku, Social Justice Resource Center

About the Council

The Advocacy and Global Impact Leadership Council attends regular meetings as they are convened, which is at least once a semester.

Community Connection

Leadership Council Chair: Shannon PittmanCenter for Student Involvement

About the Council

These organizations work to build communities of support with key populations internal to Northeastern.

Community Engagement

Leadership Council Chair: Andrade FearonCenter for Student Involvement

Competition + Skill

Leadership Council Chair: TBD

Creative + Visual Arts

Leadership Council Chair: Chelsea TurnerCenter for Student Involvement

About the Council

The Creative + Visual Arts Council aims to connect and empower student leaders within the creative community. With a focus on leadership both individually and within groups, representatives have the chance to discuss their experiences within their student organizations and brainstorm retention tactics, empowerment, innovation, etc.

Experiential + Professional

Leadership Council Chair: Shannon PittmanCenter for Student Involvement


Leadership Council Chair: Steph Pierce, Center for Student Involvement


Leadership Council Chair: Alex Kern, Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service

About the Council

The Northeastern University Interfaith Council (NUIC) exists to promote communication, cooperation, and community among the diverse religious/spiritual groups and individuals of Northeastern University. NUIC creates and supports transformative experiences of spiritual growth, ethical reflection, interfaith/intercultural dialogue, community service and social action.

Student President: Taylor Straatmann,

International + Cultural

Leadership Council Chair: Robert Jose, Culture and Residential Life

Leadership + Governing

Leadership Council Chair: Jason Campbell-FosterCenter for Student Involvement

About the Council

As representative bodies at Northeastern, these organizations are charged with being the voice of a diverse population of students on campus.

Outdoor Adventure + Wellness

Leadership Council Chair: Sarah WeinerCenter for Student Involvement

Performing Arts

Leadership Council Chair: Michelle MartinCenter for Student Involvement

Political Action

Leadership Council Chair: Robert Jose, Culture and Residential Life

Print + Broadcast Media

Leadership Council Chair: Sarah Weiner, Center for Student Involvement

Special Interest

Leadership Council Chair: TBD