Program Manager List – Summer 2016

Student Organization Event Planning Forms

Barbecue Form

Demonstration Permit Application

Driver Agreement Form
This waiver must be completed in accordance with the Travel Policy when students are operating vehicles as part of student organization business.

Fundraising/Collection/Solicitation Request Form

Fundraising Form for Club Sports
This form is for Club Sports only.

Group Waiver and Consent Form
This form can be used in association with student group travel.

Major Event Space Confirmation

This can be used for all Performer, Service Provider, and Facility Pre-Contracts

Waiver and Consent Form

Sweet Tomatoes Student Organization Order Form

Chartwell’s BBQ Order Form

Ticketing Request Form

Travel Authorization Form

General Student Organization Forms

Academic Classroom Reservation Request

Advisor Interest Form (for full-time faculty/staff only)

Constitution Template (Graduate Organizations)

Constitution Template (Undergraduate Organizations)

Leadership Consultants Request Form
This form is used to request a retreat, leadership workshop, or team-builders for your student organization or executive board.

Membership Roster (proposed organizations only)

New Student Organization Training Quiz

Student Organization Monthly Storage Request

Miscellaneous Resources

2015-2016 SAF Manual

GSG Logo

New Student Organization Workshop
This presentation is offered each semester to students that are interested in starting a new student group at Northeastern. This file is added here as a reference and does not substitute for the requirement of attending one of the sessions.

SAF Logo

Student Involvement Board Manual