Application Process

Qualified candidates need to contact the Director of the Peer Tutoring Program Tina Kondopoulos at  to set up an interview.  After the sucessful completion of the interviewing process, candidates will be given a Tutor Application (which includes a Faculty Recommendation Form). Each applicant will need to fill out Part 1 of the Tutor Application in a timely fashion and return it to either the program Manager or the program Director. In addition, they will need to ask a  faculty member whose course(s) they plan to tutor to fill out a Faculty Recommendation Form (included in the Tutor Application) on their behalf.  Faculty will need to send completed Faculty Recommendation Form directly to the program Coordinator/Director.  All prospective peer tutors are interviewed and hired by the program Manager/Director. Peer tutor positions are also posted on the Northeastern University Student Employment Website which provides details on job description, qualifications, and pay rates.