The Peer Tutoring Program is collecting both qualitative and quantitative data for statistical purposes only. Each tutor is required to fill out the Tutoring Appointment Wrap-up Form after each tutoring appointment via MyNEU under TUTORING AT-A-GLANCE. In addition, each tutee is required to fill out an evaluation form after every tutoring session via MyNEU under TUTORING AT-A-GLANCE. The goal of the evaluation process is to solicit ongoing feedback from students who use our tutoring services on the quality and delivery of the services. In addition, each faculty member whose students have used the peer tutoring services and received student feedback is asked to fill out a program evaluation form at the end of the semester. In addition, the forms attached below need to be filled out and dropped off in the tutoring office in 101 Lake or emailed to the director of Peer Tutoring Tina Kondopoulos at


Peer Tutoring Walk-in Attendance Sheet

Recitation or Review Attendance Sheet

Faculty Evaluation