Join the CSA Fam!

We understand that the transition to college can be overwhelming. New city, classes, friends, experiences, and so much more. Change isn't bad, but it's tough sometimes. At CSA we're focused on creating a community of friends to share your college experience with. We strive to be a constant that members can always rely on. And this is really encompassed in our new peer-mentoring program CSA Twins.

Within Twins we pair up our upperclassmen "Bigs" with underclassmen "Smalls" as mentors, mentees, and friends! We encourage communication, quality time, and CSA involvement within the program, but Twins is what you make of it! It's not required to join CSA, but we invite all to apply! So what's Twins all about?

  • A chill, informal way to get involved with CSA
  • Meet our upperclassmen! Ask them for advice about NU. Or just hang with them
  • We'll do our best to make awesome pairs with similar interest
  • Why is it called Twins? Beacause everyone gets a twin! Each Big has another Big as their Twin. Each Small has another Small as their Twin. And finally, each Big has a set of Twin Smalls!
  • It's a kinda thing that's really hard to describe in words. To really learn what it's about, join now!