All Executive Boards

Because history & its extraordinary performers should not be forgotten

Cung Tran, 2014

2018 - 2019 Executive Board

President: Timmie Dong
Vice President: Lily Orlovsky
Treasurer: Ethan Fong
Secretary: Andrea Chew
Program Coordinator: Michele Ma
Events Coordinator: Francine Chen
Public Relations: Milton Cheung
Committee Chair: Cat Li
PAAC Representative: Sean Tseng
Media and Design Specialist: Geena Huh

2017 - 2018 Executive Board

President: Alice Ding
Vice President: Spenser Cheung
Treasurer: Timmie Dong
Secretary: Jamie Cheng
Program Coordinator: Lily Orlovsky
Events Coordinator: Jess Yin
Public Relations: Edward Lam
Committee Chair: Francine Chen
Committee Chair: Michele Ma
Media and Design Specialist: Judy Wong
Freshman Rep: Andrew Leung
Freshman Rep: Catherine Li

2016 - 2017 Executive Board

President: Brian Zhu
Vice President: Lillian Cai
Treasurer: Michael Shen
Secretary: James Eagle
Program Coordinator: Alice Ding
Events Coordinator: Dixon Yeung
Public Relations: Spenser Cheung
Committee Chair: Stephen Dong
Committee Chair: Jess Yin
Media and Design Specialist: Farrah Chow
Freshman Rep: Lily Orlovsky
Freshman Rep: Jamie Cheng

2015 - 2016 Executive Board

President: Eric Shi
Vice President: Brian Zhu
Treasurer: Samantha Tan
Program Coordinator: Dennis Tian
Secretary: Alice Ding
Public Relations Chair: Lillian Cai
Cultural Chair: Aaron Fu
Volunteer Coordinator: Linda Liu
Family Coordinator: Brandon Nguyen
Media and Design Specialist: Maggie Zhang
Freshman Rep: Dixon Yeung
Freshman Rep: Hannah Tan

2014 - 2015 Executive Board

President: Alice Shao
Vice President: Henry Lee
Treasurer: Eric Shi
Program Coordinator: Stephanie Nguyen
Secretary: Winney Chan
Cultural Chair: Alvin Tran
Public Relations Officer: Isabel Li
Volunteer Coordinator: Christine Mai
Freshman Rep: Samantha Tan
Freshman Rep: Lillian Cai

2013 - 2014 Executive Board

President: Cung Tran
Vice President: Henry Lee
Treasurer: Anthony Li
Program Coordinator: Alice Shao
Secretary: Kelly Chia
Cultural Chair: Kristin Chou
Public Relations Officer: Christine Mai
Media Specialist: Michael Hu
Upperclassmen Rep: Chingkit Chan
Freshmen Rep: Arnold Chang

2012 - 2013 Executive Board

President: Chung Vuong
Vice President: Cung Tran
Treasurer: Betty Mai
Program Coordinator: Xida Zou
Secretary: Cassie Lin
Cultural Chair: Christine Mai
Public Relations Officer: Darwin Ye