Dr. John G. LaBrie

Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Vice President for Professional Education

Dear Faculty,

Welcome to the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University!  The College of Professional Studies has risen to national prominence through the hard and dedicated work of our faculty.  As your dean, I am very excited to lead an organization as diverse and vibrant as this one.

At the core of our work is the intellectual and practice-based experience that our faculty bring to the process.  Our students may be driven to our programs for a whole range of reasons, but their experience and the faculty who steer, teach, mentor and guide them directly influences their learning.  Our students are often independent learners who seek a community of scholars to help them shape their worldview and prepare them for challenges ahead. I am proud to be a faculty member in this College.

Teaching is hard work and this website is intended to assist and facilitate that process.  Upholding our College’s academic quality and access will be key to our collective success and we wish to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to succeed as instructors.  As with all processes, this is and will be a work in progress. If while using Faculty Central, you come across details that could be made better or information that should be included, please let us know.  We want this to be an effective and useful tool for you!

I also want to take a minute and thank you for using this website.  It shows you care about your teaching and wish to do it better.  Your work is valuable and valued!