CPS Winter 2014 Faculty Workshops

Date:  3.13.2014

These workshops were facilitated by faculty and staff on a range of topics designed to enhance teaching and learning throughout the CPS curriculum. View Workshop Sessions

CPS Fall 2013 Faculty Workshops

Date:  8.22.2013

These workshops were facilitated by faculty and staff on a range of topics designed to enhance teaching and learning throughout the CPS curriculum.  View workshop sessions

CPS Fall 2012 Faculty Workshops

Date:  8.22.2012

These workshops provided information to the faculty on a wide range of topics: student support services, an overview of the NU Online IRC, a look at OWL: Online Writing Lab, and more. View workshop sessions

Writing Across Borders at CPS

Date:  10.22.2011

Writing was the focus of these workshops. Sessions include a demonstration of Turnitin as a teaching tool, writing issues around international students, and a writing survey discussion. View workshop sessions

Helping International Students Achieve Academic Success

Date:  6.11.2011

Presenters in this workshop looked at strategies for teaching and working with international students. View workshop sessions

Creating Next Generation Education at NU Online

Date:  2.5.2011

This workshop included a wide range of topics: teaching globally, the role of discussions, assignments and assessments, and a look at emerging tools and technologies. View workshop sessions

CPS Faculty Workshop

Date:  1.23.2010

In this workshop presenters looked at the following topics: web accessibility, creating effective discussions, and using multimedia to enhance a course. View workshop sessions

Global Student Success “Webinar Wednesdays”

The goal of the series is to internationalize the College through concrete skill building and advancing intercultural competencies. View webinar recordings


NU Online Instructor Resource Center (NUOL IRC)

The NUOL IRC provides additional training and professional development opportunities for all Northeastern University faculty such as on-demand courses, webinars, and more.  For more information please visit the IRC at:

The Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research (CATLTR)

CATLTR was established to support the Northeastern University community in creating opportunities for lasting learning. To realize this goal, the Center takes a multi-pronged, research-based approach to working with faculty and administrators in the classroom, through departmental programs or university-wide initiatives.  For more information please visit the CATLTR website at:

Northeastern University has partnered with to provide 24/7 online software training for faculty, students, and staff.  More information can be found on the I.S. website at: