Global Student Success Webinars

The goal of the Global Student Success webinar series is to internationalize the College through concrete skill building and advancing intercultural competencies.  For upcoming webinars, visit:

Session:  “9 Tips for Working with International Students”

Presenters:  David Fields – Director, Global Student Success; Christina Lambert – Student Support Specialist, Global Student Success

This workshop can benefit anyone working with or teaching international students.  These tips cover techniques and suggestions and give examples from real student interactions.

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Session:  “Supporting Chinese Students on Campus”

Presenter:  Annie Hsu- Assistant Director, Global Student Success

Are you interested in how to better support Chinese students? This workshop will cover the different stages of culture shock and address the cultural and educational challenges that Chinese students face in the U.S.

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Session:  “Pronunciation of Chinese Names”

Presenter:  Francis Griffin- Assistant Director, Global Pathways / American Classroom Programs

Baffled by the pronunciation of Chinese names? This workshop can help! The Chinese use a phonetic system called pinyin; join us to learn more.

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Session:  “International Student Advising and ISSI”

Presenters:  Justin Repici – Academic Advisor, College of Social Sciences and Humanities; Amy Wooldridge – Senior Assistant Director, International Student and Scholar Institute (ISSI)

How does international student advising intersect with ISSI? This presentation discusses strategies for advising international students, the key role of ISSI and the resources available at Northeastern. Faculty and staff will learn useful ideas and information to incorporate into their daily interactions and advising of students.

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Session:  “Writing Proficiency & Academic Honesty: Strategies for Faculty”

Presenter:  Chrissy McMartin-Miller, Assistant Academic Specialist

This webinar led by NU Global faculty member Crissy McMartin-Miller will focus on three of the top concerns when teaching second language learners: writing proficiency, plagiarism, and ensuring academic standards. The webinar will cover tips for effectively working with students, resources available, and pedagogical and cultural approaches to improving writing across the curriculum.

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Session: “Teaching Expectations and Learning Experiences in Boston and Abroad: My Journey Learning About the Who, How, and Why I Teach in the Global Classroom”

Presenter:  Rick Arrowood, JD – Global Leadership Program Faculty, Nonprofit Management Chair and Lead Faculty Member

This webinar is based on Rick’s experiences in the global academic and cultural environments of Australia, Vietnam, and China. He will discuss his personal journey of learning about the importance of getting to know his students, finding ways to connect, and maintaining life-long relationships. Rick will also share self-developed techniques that have succeeded in engaging students in classroom discussions, group work, and team or individual presentations.

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Session: “Interpreting Scores on English Language Proficiency Tests” 

Presenter:  Dr. Erik Voss – NU Global Faculty

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How English language proficiency tests (ELPTs) differ from classroom assessment
  • How ELPTs are designed and developed
  • How scores on ELPTs are calculated, reported and interpreted

Dr. Erik Voss will discuss the definition of English language proficiency tests, how such tests are developed and how they differ from educational (classroom) assessment. This will lay the foundation for a presentation of score reporting and interpretation using TOEFL iBT as an example. Finally, Dr. Voss will compare score reporting on other standardized English language proficiency tests.

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Session: “Chinese Students,  How Much Do You Really Know About Them?”

Presenter:  Hong (Helen) Zhang, Ed.D. – Assistant Dean for International Program Development, College of Professional Studies

With the growing prevalence of Chinese students enrolling in American colleges and universities, there is an increasing awareness among American faculty and administrators regarding Chinese students’ cultural differences. The transition from a Chinese to American education system is not an easy journey considering the great differences in the teaching and learning systems. How to support Chinese students in their transitional process has become an important topic to be discussed among American faculty and administrators. Dr. Zhang will present general information about China, education in China, as well as aspects of the Chinese culture for American educators to gain an insightful understanding about Chinese students’ cross-cultural challenges.
In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Education in China
  • Chinese students’ motives to study in the United States
  • Chinese students’ transition challenges in U.S. universities and colleges
  • A gap between Chinese and American students—Voices from Chinese students and their American peers

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