During the first semester of the program students take a Career Seminar course, which offers a look at job possibilities in the marine science field. Along with this course, Program Manager Liz Magee and Graduate Coordinator Dr. Jon Grabowski assist students in locating internship opportunities for the following summer. In the past some students have returned to the Marine Science Center, but internships can be located anywhere in the world. Click here to check out past internship examples and testimonials.

During the internship phase, the program manager will provide guidance, and students participate in a supplementary tutorial seminar, designed to complement learning during and after internship placement. The course includes activities to integrate academic and experiential learning allowing students to reflect on the experience individually and collectively as a group.

The internship is intended to assist students in bringing focus to their eventual career and academic goals. Although we provide examples of past internships elsewhere, we work with students on an individual basis to pursue an internship experience specific to their career and research interests. Here are some guidelines and factors to consider:

Time frame
The internship is generally held following the Friday Harbor session in mid-May through the following fall semester into mid-December. Past students have elected to do multiple internship opportunities during this six-month period. Some students are now permanently employed, many years later, where they completed their internship!

Weekly work hours can vary among internships and even within a given internship (e.g. field time vs. lab or writing time). However, students should approach the internship as a short, intense period where students may work in excess of 40 hours as they are receiving valuable career training. If the internship is unpaid and financial limitations exist for the student, the advisor will consider that a student working 20 hours per week in their lab may also be working 20+ hours per week to meet expenses for room and board.

Compensation for participation in internships is at the discretion of the granting institution.