Nahant, Massachusetts


Students begin the Three Seas program on New England’s Atlantic coast. During the spring semester at Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center in Nahant, students gain the strong foundation needed for subsequent portions of the program in the fundamental areas of marine biology, ecology, and experimental design.

Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center is located on 20 acres at the end of East Point, a rocky point extending into the Atlantic Ocean and has a view of the north shore of Massachusetts and the Boston skyline. No other year-round laboratory on the Atlantic coast of the United States has an exposed rocky ocean frontage like the Marine Science Center; it is exceptional in its close proximity to many Boston area academic and research institutions. Facilities at the MSC include: a flow-through sea water system, research laboratories, offices, library, wet lab with flowing seawater, dive locker, and an interactive micro-computing laboratory with fiber optic Internet capability and WiFi throughout the building. The lab has several small boats for nearshore work.

Though Nahant is situated only 12 miles from a major harbor and city, the prevailing coastal currents provide remarkably clean and stable seawater at East Point. The 9.5 ft. tidal amplitude and undisturbed rocky shoreline provide a great variety of intertidal and subtidal communities ideally suited for investigations of rocky shore ecology. The sheer cliff faces, which extend subtidally to a depth of 40 ft., represent a unique biome.