Three Seas’ first abroad session happens in the fall at Friday Harbor Laboratories and offers specialized courses intended to further our students’ training in marine biology and ecology. In addition to a continued emphasis on field study as a complement to lecture material, current lab techniques are used to address ecological questions and issues. Students are now well-prepared to explore and appreciate the biological diversity of Pacific Northwest marine ecosystems at a state-of-the-art marine laboratory located within steps of several distinct marine habitats. Students once again have the opportunity to conduct independent research projects.

EEMB 5508/5509 Marine Birds and Mammals & Lab  3 cr.
A lecture and field course that examines the principles of behavior, evolution, classification, anatomy and physiology of seabirds and marine mammals. Field trips and boat cruises facilitate observations of local marine birds and mammals.
Faculty: W. Breck Tyler, M.S.

EEMB 5528 Marine Conservation Biology 3 cr.
Examine several critical issues facing marine ecosystems, including: invasive species, marine pollution and eutrophication, fisheries impacts, physical alteration of habitats, and global climate change. Field time will be spent surveying habitats within the Friday Harbor Laboratory marine life refuge, and in adjacent habitats outside the reserve as part of a long-term monitoring effort.
Faculty: Dr. Steven Scyphers

EEMB 5532 Physiological and Molecular Marine Ecology 3 cr.
Explores the physiological responses of marine organisms to natural and anthropogenic variation in a variety of environmental factors. Molecular techniques are demonstrated as a means of determining genetic relationships at the species and population level for the study of ecological & evolutionary questions.
Faculty: Dr. Sean Place