Srinivas Sridhar

The past, present, and future of nanomedicine

Srinivas Sridhar

Each year, nearly $18 bil­lion is spent on nanomed­i­cine research.

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An innovation ecosystem drives future for nanomedicine

Srinivas Sridhar

From tar­geted drug delivery mech­a­nisms to super­sen­si­tive imaging tech­niques, nan­otech­nology holds many promises for med­i­cine.

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Developing nanotechnologies to improve medical care


Imagine having the ability to take a single pill, or have one injection, and be ready for an MRI, CT scan, and PET scan at the same time?

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A better brainwave monitor

Srinivas Sridhar

The elec­trical out­puts of the brain con­tain mas­sive amounts of infor­ma­tion that could be a pow­erful resource if we could fully tap into it.

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