Some scientists have all the fun

Mission 31

Northeastern’s Mission 31 research team collected more than two years worth of data in just two weeks of the monthlong underwater research expedition. But even greater was all the fun they had.

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Antarctic co-​​op: The not so sunny side of things

Summer  sunset in Antarctica

Eileen Sheehan, a biochemistry student on co-op at Palmer Station, Antarctica, guest blogs about how the lack of daylight affects her scientific research.

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Lobsterwoman turned marine biologist fishes for answers

Marissa McMahan

Northeastern graduate student Marissa McMahan is marshaling her scientific training and her family’s connection to the Maine lobster industry to research the black sea bass’ northern range expansion due to climate change.

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Kristian Teichert – A Goal to Reach and Teach High School Students

lecture hall

College and high school students learning together? The thought of this intellectual cross-pollination is intriguing and the results are even more interesting. According to Kristian Teichert, a second-year College of Science student at Northeastern, this might be the future of education.

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Prof. John Engen’s research featured in Cell

Congratulations to chemistry Prof. John Engen, whose sabbatical research was recently featured in Cell!

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Members of Congress visit Marine Science Center


The squirming claws of a blue lob­ster did not deter U.S. Reps. John Tierney and Katherine Clark from get­ting their hands dirty—and soaked—as they eagerly exam­ined the rare species on Wednesday at Northeastern’s Marine Sci­ence Center in Nahant, Massachusetts.

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Bonding Together to Fight HIV


A collaborative team led by a Northeastern University professor may have altered the way we look at drug development for HIV by uncovering some unusual properties of a human protein called APOBEC3G (A3G).

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Creating a better drug to treat psychiatric disorders

Raymond Booth

I first became interested in drugs to treat brain diseases with I was a pharmacy student at Northeastern in the early 1980s. After I got my PhD in medicinal chemistry at the University of California–San Francisco, I returned to Boston for a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School. At the time, I was drawn to research on neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s. But by 1987, I switched to neuropsychiatric diseases, and that’s what I’ve been focused on ever since.

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Prof. Don Cheney Retires, Leaves A Legacy & Support


After 33 years at Northeastern University, Dr. Donald Cheney is retiring, leaving behind countless grateful students and a long list of accomplishments in biology and marine science.

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Taking a Second Look at How Marine Reserves are Created

Tarik Gouhier

Overfishing has resulted in the serial depletion of fish stocks around the world and caused significant collateral damage to non-target species because of high levels of bycatch. This not only threatens natural marine ecosystems, but also jeopardizes the millions of people who depend on fish for their economic livelihood and dietary protein requirements.

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