Slowing down DNA

Meni Wanunu

A research team led by Meni Wanunu, assistant professor of physics and chemistry and chemical biology, has found that nanopores made of hafnium oxide slow the passage of DNA and are very stable.

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Physics Grad Wins Dept. of Energy Award


Graduated Northeastern physics student Tanmoy Das has won a High Performance Computing Achievement Award.

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New research takes aim at heart’s ‘safe zone’

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Sudden car­diac arrest is the leading cause of death in the indus­tri­al­ized world. How­ever, it’s not well under­stood and is chal­lenging to both pre­dict and effec­tively pre­vent.

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Researchers use science to predict success


Like the rest of the aca­d­emic com­mu­nity, physi­cists rely on var­ious quan­ti­ta­tive fac­tors to deter­mine whether a researcher will enjoy long-​​term suc­cess.

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A kid in a network shop

Baruch Barzel

There are some ques­tions that you don’t need to be a sci­en­tist to ask. You need to be a little kid.

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Network scientists lead congressional briefing

Alex Vespignani is the Sternberg Distinguished Professor of Physics, Computer Science and Health Sciences.

Net­work sci­ence has the poten­tial to solve major national chal­lenges in health, secu­rity, and sus­tain­ability, said two North­eastern Uni­ver­sity pro­fes­sors in a briefing on Tuesday after­noon in Wash­ington, D.C.

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Searching the next frontier


Toyoko Ori­moto works at the Large Hadron Col­lider at the Euro­pean Orga­ni­za­tion for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzer­land.

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The past, present, and future of nanomedicine

Srinivas Sridhar

Each year, nearly $18 bil­lion is spent on nanomed­i­cine research.

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Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Excited Scientist


Toyoko Orimoto, a particle physicist, is a collaborator on the CMS Experiment at CERN and an assistant professor at Northeastern University.

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Local bioterrorism as a potential global threat


According to a new com­puter mod­eling research study from North­eastern Uni­ver­sity net­work sci­en­tist Alessandro Vespig­nani, when it comes to bioter­rorist attacks, “dis­eases have no bor­ders.”

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