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Highway of dreams for microbiologists


A few years ago, biologists Slava Epstein and Yoshiteru Aoi fantasized about a device that would work like a highway lane closure to isolate pure bacterial samples from the environment. They teamed with assistant professor of chemical engineering Ed Goluch to make this a reality.

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A simpler way to test for water pollution

Loretta Fernandez

Assistant professor Loretta Fernandez has developed a straightforward method for determining the concentration of contaminants likely to end up in the tissues of organisms living in polluted waterways.

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Live from the seafloor, it’s Mission 31!

Mission 31 at the Museum of Science

Last week, Northeastern researchers were joined by Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Stephen W. Director to converse with audience members at the Boston Museum of Science from a unique vantage point: the bottom of the ocean at the Aquarius Reef Base off Florida’s coast.

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Hot and bothered: climate change and the ecology of fear

Geoff Trussell

When animals must balance the fear of being eaten with their own need to feed, their decisions affect the entire ecosystem. New research from professor Geoff Trussell, who directs Northeastern’s Marine Science Center, suggests this effect is even more pronounced under future climate change scenarios.

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The King of queen bees

Biology major Lena King, S'15, is on co-op with Best Bees Company, which was founded by Noah Wilson-Rich, S'05, in 2010. Best Bees Co. is a honeybee hive management company for residential and commercial locations throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

Biology student Lena King was captivated the first time she saw an open bee hive. On co-op at a Boston-based beekeeping company, she’s observing the world of the queen bee and researching ways to help honeybees survive.

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Take 5: A ‘Nor’Easter’ on Florida’s tropical shores?

Aquarius banner

For the next two weeks fac­ulty, stu­dents, and staff from North­eastern University’s Urban Coastal Sus­tain­ability Ini­tia­tive and led by pro­fes­sors Mark Pat­terson and Brian Hel­muth are taking part in Mis­sion 31.

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An off-​​switch for drugs’ toxic side effects

Alexandros Makriyannis

New research from the Center for Drug Discovery at Northeastern presents a series of molecules that can be controllably deactivated, thereby reducing the side effects of potentially valuable drugs.

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The noisy world of mud crabs

Randall Hughes

Fish are not silent crea­tures. Just like the ter­res­trial world, there’s a ver­i­table sym­phony of sound echoing under the sea. Indeed, the black drum fish was the sub­ject of many a phone call to the Miami police back in 2005, when their mid­night mating calls were waking up the locals.

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What you may not know about vertical seawalls

Steven Scyphers

Waterfront homeowners’ efforts represent hundreds of thousands of miniature conservation projects. Understanding how they tick is essential to urban coastal sustainability efforts, according to post-doctoral research fellow Steven Scyphers.

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Three COS Faculty Honored As “Highly Cited Researchers”

Fall Foliage

The faculty members appear on Thomson Reuters’ “Highly Cited Researchers 2014″ list.

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