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Where to put all the energy

Multi-Scale Renewable Energy Storage Conference

North­eastern Uni­ver­sity con­vened experts from industry, gov­ern­ment, and acad­emia last week to dis­cuss advance­ments in next-​​generation energy storage and bat­tery tech­nolo­gies as well as their com­mer­cial via­bility, which could have a major impact in addressing global chal­lenges in areas such as energy con­sump­tion, mate­rials short­ages, and cli­mate change.

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New grant supports co-​​ops in cancer nanomedicine


With support from the National Institutes of Health’s National Cancer Institute, Northeastern University will partner with the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center to provide co-op experiences to undergraduate students, who will receive training to study and conduct cancer nanomedicine research.

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$1.15M grant awarded to new co-op program in cancer nanomedicine


A $1.15 million grant titled “CaNCURE: Cancer Nanomedicine Co-ops for Undergraduate Research Experiences” has been funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health.

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3Qs: Why time is now to link science, ocean policy

Brian Helmuth

Northeastern professor Brian Helmuth, an expert on climate change and environmental policy, has co-authored a paper in the journal Nature Climate Change examining the need to further integrate science into U.S. climate and ocean policy.

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The thinking behind gender stereotypes

John Coley and R. Cole Eidson

Adults and children hold equally stereotypical views about gender, according to new research from associate professor of psychology John Coley’s lab.

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Groundbreaking research maps cultural history

Robert Gray Dodge Chair Installation Ceremony: Laszlo Barabasi

New research from Northeastern’s Center for Complex Network Research presents a pioneering approach to understanding European and North American cultural history by mapping out the mobility patterns of notable intellectuals over a 2,000-year span.

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What’s wiping out the Caribbean corals?


Student-researchers at Northeastern’s Marine Science Center turned to crowdfunding to support their work in Panama examining white-band disease, which has killed up to 95 percent of the Caribbean’s reef building corals.

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Nature Climate Change publishes MES faculty’s paper

new helmuth banner

Marine and Environmental Sciences professor Brian Helmuth co-authors a paper about US climate and ocean policy.

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3Qs: Global impact of the Ebola outbreak

vespignani computer

With the deadly Ebola outbreak continuing, Professor Alessandro Vespignani discusses the spread of infectious diseases.

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Chemistry Nobel Laureate to Speak at Northeastern


The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) will be hosting a lecture by Prof. Martin Karplus, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year. Prof. Carla Mattos, one of REU’s program directors, answered a few of our questions about Prof.

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