Chemistry Nobel Laureate to Speak at Northeastern


The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) will be hosting a lecture by Prof. Martin Karplus, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year. Prof. Carla Mattos, one of REU’s program directors, answered a few of our questions about Prof.

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The future’s most pressing energy questions

Sanjeev Mukerjee

Top researchers, entre­pre­neurs, scholars, and pol­i­cy­makers from Mass­a­chu­setts and Switzer­land con­vened at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity on Friday for an energy summit, where par­tic­i­pants dis­cussed inno­va­tions and strate­gies to address cli­mate change and a range of other global energy challenges.

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An off-​​switch for drugs’ toxic side effects

Alexandros Makriyannis

New research from the Center for Drug Discovery at Northeastern presents a series of molecules that can be controllably deactivated, thereby reducing the side effects of potentially valuable drugs.

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Three COS Faculty Honored As “Highly Cited Researchers”

Fall Foliage

The faculty members appear on Thomson Reuters’ “Highly Cited Researchers 2014″ list.

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Students join push to end neglected tropical diseases

iStock_sleeping-sickness banner

A group of North­eastern stu­dents has joined the cru­sade to bring an end to the 17 neglected trop­ical dis­eases that affect more than 1 bil­lion people around the world. Called NEU END7, the group has been working since October to raise aware­ness of NTDs and help erad­i­cate the seven most common trop­ical infec­tions by 2020.

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Prof. John Engen’s research featured in Cell

Congratulations to chemistry Prof. John Engen, whose sabbatical research was recently featured in Cell!

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A 50-​​year scientific legacy

Barry Karger

Northeastern professor Barry Karger, whose contributions to analytical chemistry helped enable the sequencing of the human genome, received the Arnold O. Beckman Medal and Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievements in the field of electrodriven separation techniques.

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Probing Relationships between Protein Structure and Movement

Jaylene Ollivierre

Penny Beuning’s research is based on relationships. Proteins, DNA, RNA in a dance of scientific compatibility. A dance that affects life, the fight against disease and understanding how to create new chemical reactions. An associate professor in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Northeastern’s College of Science, Beuning’s groundbreaking efforts were documented recently in a paper published in “Structure.” In it, she detailed how various proteins might act in different situations in the lab.

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RISE to the occasion


Students and faculty across many disciplines presented their most recent scholarly research, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial ventures on Thursday at RISE:2014, Northeastern’s Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo.

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Fostering A Renewable Interest In Science

Fall Foliage

Frustrating, enigmatic and enlightening. That’s how graduating senior Elise Miner describes her scientific research when striving to develop economically sustainable renewable energy sources.

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