The College of Science is hosting the Sustaining Coastal Cities Conference in conjunction with the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences and the Marine Science Center.

Urban Coastal Sustainability is one of the college’s initiatives. Building on the unique College of Science facility and faculty of the Marine Science Center, we will position the university to take global leadership in urban coastal research. Located on the ocean at the entrance to Boston Harbor, no other research station in North America is so well situated for this role as is our Nahant Marine Science Center.

We are marshaling the resources to address the critical need for sustainable urban coastal environments. The college has hired several experts in the effects of global change on coastal ecosystems, fisheries and mariculture, evolutionary and ecological genomics, earth-surface processes and the land-sea interface, ocean acidification, urban pollution, coastal remote sensing, coastal ecosystems engineering, conservation management and policy, and environmental law. Several of these appointments will be joint with the Colleges of Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, and the School of Law.

The Marine Science Center has merged with the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences to create a platform for our educational and research programs in sustainability. We have also created a new undergraduate major in marine biology and raised more than $2M to make building improvements at Nahant.

The new Urban Coastal focus for Northeastern’s Marine and Environmental Sciences provides an outstanding opportunity to deepen the teaching and global research experiences for our undergraduate majors in environmental science and environmental studies, and to expand our graduate offerings. Our urban coastal research center will nurture advanced technology for sustainable development and resource harvesting, stimulate visionary policy for sustainable economic development, and route a global network of resources and opportunities through Boston.

With special thanks to the Conference Planning Committee:
J. Murray Gibson is the dean of the College of Science and a professor of physics.

Geoff Trussell is the chair of the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciencesdirector of the Marine Science Center, and an associate professor in the Department of Biology.

Jon Grabowski is an associate professor in the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences.

Brian Helmuth is a professor with a joint appointment in the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences and the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. He also serves as Director of the Sustainability Science and Policy Initiative.

Mark Patterson is a professor with a joint appointment in the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences and the College of Civil and Environmental Engineering.