joshua trowbridge
“Once I became a psychology major, my world changed. I was fascinated by the content we were learning, and I was finally engaged with the content.” – Joshua Trowbridge



Psychology majors at Northeastern University create paths specific to their interests, while obtaining a strong foundation in research and practice.

emma parrish
“You can do a lot at Northeastern, take advantage, take initiative, and if an opportunity arrives, jump on it.” – Emma Parrish




The psychology major at Northeastern is very flexible, allowing students to choose among a variety of courses taught by experts in the field. Within our flexible curriculum, students also have the opportunity to choose courses and co-op experiences that best fit their goals and interests.

Adriana Jodoin
“Co-op has enabled me to obtain work experience at the post-baccalaureate level while still in my undergrad years.” – Adriana Jodoin




In the psychology department at Northeastern, students have the opportunity to participate in faculty research on a wide range of topics. One mechanism to do so is through Directed Study Research, which is open to all students. Through this experience, students obtain the skills of critical thinking and analysis which many employers desire. Additionally, many of our students have worked in labs outside of Northeastern University, further enhancing their research and scientific skills.

naomi zingman-daniels“I worked in the Oncology-Pharmacology Department at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research. I helped with a clinical trial aimed at reducing resistance in colon and ovarian cancers; assisted in creating and running multiple databases and data curation projects aimed at organizing my team’s samples and current and historical data; assisted in culturing tumors; and worked with the genomics team in the department to extract and assess and DNA and RNA.” – Naomi Zingman-Daniels


An important element in our undergraduate education is advising. Here at Northeastern University, students have many advisors to assist them during their college careers, including academic advisors, departmental advisors, and co-op coordinators. Through this support, students are able to obtain the direction and guidance that is beneficial in undergraduate education.

Miriam Frank
“It is a pretty big department, but it feels small, and is so supportive. I love all the faculty.” – Miriam Frank




For students interested in graduate school, Northeastern helps students to develop the skills and knowledge that help them to be competitive when applying to a variety of master’s and doctoral programs.

John McKenna“The experiences I gained from being a psychology major at Northeastern University helped me to become a strong candidate for doctoral programs in clinical psychology. In addition to receiving multiple offers of admission to PsyD and PhD programs, I was also praised by interviewers for having such diverse co-op experiences. On one occasion an interviewer told me that, although she does not typically review applicants directly from undergrad, she decided to make an exception for me considering my strong background in research and community service. This faculty member offered me admission into the program and to be my advisor and mentor.” – John McKenna