The psychology minor requires five courses (20 SH of PSYC credits). The specific course requirements are presented below with the restrictions noted. Contact Professor Dawn Cisewski if you have questions about the psychology minor requirements.

Review the 2016-2017 Minor Requirements

ONE Introductory Course:

Foundations of Psychology (PSYC 1101) or equivalent

TWO Courses, one each from Areas A and B

   Area A:

  1. Personality (PSYC 3400)
  2. Social Psychology (PSYC 3402)
  3. Developmental Psychology (PSYC 3404)
  4. Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 3406)

   Area B:

  1. Learning and Motivation (PSYC 3450)
  2. Learning Principles and Behavior Analysis (PSYC 3451)
  3. Sensation and Perception (PSYC 3452)
  4. Biological Psychology (PSYC 3458)
  5. Psychology of Language (PSYC 3464)
  6. Cognition (PSYC 3466)

TWO other PSYC courses

Any other PSYC course can be used to fulfill this requirement.  If you take more than one course from Area A or B, the additional courses in these areas will be counted here.


Satisfactory [S] Grades are not allowed for Minor courses.

There are no course substitutions for the Minor — all courses must be PSYC courses.

The Area A and B courses must be NU Department courses – no transfer courses can be used to fulfill this particular requirement.  If a transfer course is similar to the Department’s course that transferred course will be used as a PSYC elective course and a different Area A or B course offered by the Department must be taken.

A downloadable/printable version of these requirements is available here

To declare a minor in psychology, visit the College of Science website here.