The Departments of Psychology and Biology join forces to offer a stand-alone degree program in Behavioral Neuroscience, as well as a minor in Behavioral Neuroscience, an area of study which focuses on the biological basis of behavior. The program combines the two disciplines to provide a broad understanding of the scope of behavior, and then to investigate how the behavior of humans and animals is controlled by physiological systems.

The curriculum for the major includes a strong background in biology, psychology, chemistry and mathematics and prepares students for higher degree granting programs in graduate or medical school. In addition, students with a bachelor’s degree are qualified for employment in a variety of fields from clinical and basic research to positions in health care or biotechnology.

The Behavioral Neuroscience minor is a five-course academic minor requiring a minimum of 20 semester hours (SH) of study. The course selections are spread between the parent departments of the Behavioral Neuroscience Major (i.e., Psychology and Biology) and provide a wide background in the area of Behavioral Neuroscience.

To learn more about the Behavioral Neuroscience Program, visit their website.