Research in the Psychology Department covers a wide spectrum of contemporary behavioral science within a close-knit community of faculty and students. There are four major areas of emphasis within the department, behavioral neuroscience, cognition, perception, and social/personality, with main cross-cutting themes in health, affective science, and lifespan development.

Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral neuroscience is the study of behavior as a function of brain activity. As a discipline, it has a close relationship with such fields as neurophysiology, experimental neuroanatomy, and neurochemistry.

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The Cognition group works within the general approach of cognitive science, which brings the ideas and methods of cognitive psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and computer science to bear on the scientific investigation of mental processes and representations.

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Pop Up Reception


Members of the Perception Group use computational, electrophysiological and behavioral techniques to study a variety of issues in perception, with a strong focus on vision.

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David DeSteno


Personality and social psychology are both concerned with the study of individual and social behavior, although each approaches this domain from a different perspective.

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