Molly Cannon

Graduate Student
Department of Psychology, 125-NI


Derek Isaacowitz

I am a fourth-year graduate student working towards a Ph.D. with Professor Derek Isaacowitz, with specializations in social and developmental psychology. Broadly, my research explores age differences in the use of various emotion regulation strategies and their implications for subjective affect and physiological arousal. In other words, I ask questions like “How do people regulate their emotions across the lifespan? And how do these regulatory strategies differentially influence their emotional experiences and how emotions manifest in the body?”

Specifically, my recent work has focused on how younger and older adults use choice and attention to regulate their affective states. In studies examining choice as a real time emotion regulation strategy I find that older adults exhibit patterns of choice (i.e., choosing to avoid negative and highly arousing emotional content) consistent with goals of up-regulating mood and down-regulating arousal, suggesting that changes in both the valence and arousal components of affect influence online emotion regulation. I am currently extending this line of work to examine the role of choice in more ecologically valid contexts, and also to gain a more nuanced perspective of the role of attention in these regulatory processes.