Welcome alumni! We have three goals for your webpage. First, we would like to hear from you. Please click on Stay Connected and let us know where you are and what you have been doing. Here’s a sampling of the activities of some of our recent graduates:

  • Joud Albukhari (’15) is working on her Psy.D. at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology–Stanford.
  • Mackenzie Bartz (’15) is studying to become a paramedic at the Oregon Health and Sciences University.
  • Aileen Gabriel (’15) is working as a Research Assistant at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in the Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory of Sex Differences in the Brain.
  • Erin King (’15) is working on her Master’s in Education at Harvard University.
  • Lisa LaRowe (’15) is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Syracuse University.
  • John McKenna (’15) is working on his PhD in Clinical Psychology at Suffolk University.
  • Jacqueline Sherr (’15) is working on her Master’s in Education at the University of Arizona.
  • Elizabeth von York (’15) is working on her Master’s in Forensic Psychology at George Washington University.
  • Nureen Wohl (’15) is working on her Master’s in Social Work at Columbia University.
  • Emily Korzec (’14) is working as a Human Resources Coordinator at Rakuten USA.
  • Lauren Nisotel (’14) is a Clinical Researcher in the Center for Psychiatric Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • Elijah Petter (’14) is working on his PhD in Systems Neuroscience at Duke University.
  • Tanya Schillawski (’14) is working on her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Aria Rad (’14) is working as a Project Coordinator at the Cardiovascular Imaging Core Laboratory at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.
  • Victoria Smith (’15) is working as the Clinical Research Coordinator in the Multiple Sclerosis Imaging Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Some of our graduates have also helpfully volunteered to share more information about their work and educational activities since graduation, for the benefit of our current and prospective students! To learn more, click here

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