Two of our Psychology Department faculty members, Prof. Dave DeSteno and Prof. Iris Berent, were featured last week on News@Northeastern!

On Tuesday, April 3, News @ Northeastern ran an article about Prof. DeSteno’s research into meditation and its social implications, with particular emphasis on its impact on compassion, as demonstrated by a study run by Prof. DeSteno’s graduate student, Paul Condon. This study demonstrated that even a small amount of training in meditation is enough to boost one’s compassion towards suffering strangers more than fivefold!

The following day, Prof. Berent’s new book, The Phonological Mind, was featured in an article entitled ”What Makes Human Language Special?” Prof. Berent’s book, which proposes a new approach to the study of phonology, was released this February, and has since received rave reviews!

To read the articles, click here and here.