Congratulations to Dr. Emily Fox-Kales on the publication of her new book about Hollywood celebrities and the culture of eating disorders titled, “Body Shots.” Dr. Fox-Kales discusses how body conscious and weight-obsessed celebrities are dangerous role models for young moviegoers.

For over thirty years, Dr. Fox-Kales has helped people who suffer from body image disturbances as a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. She is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Harvard University, and Clinical Associate at McLean Hospital. In addition, she is executive director of Feeding Ourselves, a Boston-based outpatient program for eating disorders. At Northeastern, Dr. Fox-Kales is director of Northeastern’s Eating and Weight Concerns Project (NEWCOPE).

Dr. Fox-Kales stated, “My hope for this book is that all moviegoers—men and women, boys and girls—will have fun “reading between the lines” to decode the powerful messages films and moviestars convey about beauty, sexual desire, fame and fortune with their seductive and compelling “body shots.”  In addition to Psychology, Dr. Fox-Kales teaches film and gender studies. To learn more about “Body Shots,” visit