Syllabus (pdf version)

What You will Need to Bring

  • Lab manual (purchased from Campus Bookstore).
  • A USB key (or equivalent media to save your work), a clear plastic metric ruler, and a calculator.

General Lab Information

  • Lab length is 2 hours and 50 minutes (for PHYS 1150 – 1 h 25 min half-lab).
  • Students take lab every other week (PHYS 1150 – every week).
  • Classes are divided into Group A (goes first) and Group B (goes second).

Group A and Group B classes:

List of A/B sections by CRN numbers

All courses (except PHYS 1150):
– Group A meets 1st week, then 3, 5, 7…
– Group B meets 2nd week, then 4, 6, 8…

PHYS 1150 has class every week (the same lab room is used by A then B):
– Group A comes at the scheduled class time;
– Group B comes 1 h 25 min after the scheduled time.

The IPL Calendar for this term and detailed lab schedules are posted below for all courses: lab dates, names of experiments, and report due dates.

Lab Schedule for courses:

IPL Spring 2016 Calendar

  • The same TA teaches to Group A then to Group B per Lab Schedules/Calendar posted above.
  • Write down and remember the name of your TA and Group because the lab room you are in may change from week to week. TA pictures can often be found on the department website under “people/grad students”.
  • Your Lab course will receive a separate 1-credit lab grade, but it will also be counted as 10-15% of your overall lecture course grade, i.e. the lab grade is integrated into the Lecture/ILS part of the course and it also represents a stand-alone laboratory course grade. Co-enrollment in Lab and Lecture is required.
  • Students must complete all 7 (13 for PHYS 1150) assignments posted on Blackboard: six experiments (PHYS 1150 – twelve half-experiments), and NU TRACE evaluation. If the latter is missing, one point will be deducted from the Final Grade by TA.
  • Students must e-mail a copy of their experimental data to themselves and to the TA before leaving the lab.
  • In case of Snow Days and Holidays (which IPL Staff will be unable to reschedule to a different class time) your TA will email you “virtual data” taken by others, along with special instructions. You will be given extra time to prepare a report and meet with your TA prior to its submission.
  • The lab report must have a cover page with the name of the experiment, your name, your lab partner’s name, and your TA’s name.
  • This should be a complete, typed report with an introduction, main body with data and analysis, and a quantitative conclusion. A sample report can be found under “preparation of lab reports.”
  • Each student will write an independent lab report at home and submit it into your TA using the Turnitin system the following week. Your lab report cannot be a copy of your lab partner’s report, or a copy of any other report or a copy of the lab manual. If copying or duplication is detected, the grades of all reports involved the duplication will be reduced to zero.
  • Lab reports will be submitted using the “Turnitin” Blackboard function which will be enabled at 8 am on the day of your lab and will close for submission one week later at 5 pm on the same day. You must also forward your “Turnitin” receipt that is delivered to you by e-mail to your TA or else 5 points will be deducted from your lab grade.
  • If your report involves supplemental materials that are incompatible with computer submission, such as sketches or diagrams, that you cannot scan, they can be turned in to your TA’s mailbox located in the IPL office in 323 CH. If the door is closed, slide your report supplement with cover page under the door.
  • Late labs are reduced by 10 points (out of 100) for each day late after the submission deadline.
  • All lab reports (including make-ups) must be received by April 23rd by 11:59pm. No lab reports will be accepted or graded after this deadline. No exceptions can be made.

Experiment Make-ups

Please see the Grading and Make-up page for information on making up a laboratory.

Lab Report Grade Breakdown

Please see the Grading and Make-up page for information on grading the lab reports.

Physics Workshop and Peer Tutoring

The Physics Workshop has a schedule that posted on the Help with Physics Classes page.  Please go there to receive help with your physics course.