Grading Rules for the IPL

For non-pharmacy students, each experiment will get a numerical grade (between 0 and 100) based on your prelab quiz, the quality of your data, the analysis of the data (including the error), and the neatness and organization of the lab report. Be sure to review the comments and points taken off by the TA. For pharmacy students, who must complete a post-lab form, the grade given for each experiment will be based on the prelab quiz (15%), the quality of data you gather (35%), and the analysis and questions contained in the post-lab form (50%). Your course grade will be based on all the scheduled experiments. The final lab grade will count as 10-15% of your overall physics course grade. You will also receive a separate grade for the lab portion.

Policy on Plagiarism

Do not copy your lab-partner’s write-up or let your partner copy yours. Duplication of text in your electronically submitted report will be checked automatically by the “Turnitin” software, so take this warning seriously. If you are copying text from someone else, or from some other source such as lab manual, textbooks and the Internet – rather than doing your own work, this is considered cheating and will be caught by the “Turnitin” automatic checking system. Copied or duplicate reports will lead to severe penalties (typically a 0 will be given for the lab). This penalty will apply to ALL individuals found to have duplicate text in their reports.

Lab Report Grade Breakdown

  • The grade is based on preparation (5%) for pre-lab quiz and questions, introduction (10%), experimental data and work (25%), analysis, data tables, calculations, graphs, etc. (40%), conclusions (10%) and answers to questions (10%).
  • Honors Sections must answer Honors Questions: Q1&2 are required, Q3=1 extra pt, Q4 = 2 extra pts.
  • Check that your lab grades are posted correctly on Blackboard and report any discrepancies to your TA

Final Grade Ranges

The University grade definitions are: A = outstanding; B = good; C = satisfactory; D = poor; F = fail. Missed labs will receive a zero, which can easily reduce your grade by a full letter grade. Two or more missed labs will likely result in course failure. Typical point spreads for the grades are: A range 90-100, B-range 80-90, C-range 70-80, D-range 55-70, F-range below 55.


Make-ups are difficult to schedule. The TA will not authorize a make-up unless it is fully justified. In rare situations, a make-up will be arranged by your TA and the IPL Supervisor. Because of the heavy lab schedule of the IPL, as well as the fact that your TA has his/her own schedule of classes to attend a make-up may have to take place at a time inconvenient for the student. In no case are you allowed more than one make-up. After you have received approval to make up a lab from the IPL Directors, work with your TA and the Lab Supervisor to schedule the make-up. If you have special problems that your TA may not be able to handle, contact one of the IPL Directors or the Lab Supervisor.

Make-up Policy Summary:

  • Missed labs get a zero.
  • Students can make-up only one lab during make-up period and only if they had a valid excuse for missing that lab.
  • You must communicate with your TA to schedule a make-up, and provide an adequate documentation for your absence. All make-ups must be approved by the IPL Directors/Supervisor in consultation with the TA, who must be present during the make-up.
  • The make-up week is April 11-15. Your TA can schedule approved make-ups during the term, and must be present in the lab for each make-up class.
  • All make-up lab reports are due April 23rd by 11:59pm. NO EXCEPTIONS. No make-up lab reports will be accepted or graded after that time.