Dear Physics Laboratory Students,

Welcome to the Introductory Physics Laboratory (IPL)!

Please, carefully read over our letter, IPL Home Page, General Information, and the other general topics that are available on the website, including the College of Science course policy document. This material describes important information about the course.

Lab Manual

Please, make sure that you have purchased a copy of the 2017 IPL Manual by Hyde, Batishchev and Altunkaynak “Introductory Physics Laboratory”, ISBN # 978-0-7380-8989-8 from the NU Campus Bookstore. This same manual is used for both semesters, and covers physics courses in four Colleges: Engineering, Health Sciences, Professional Studies, and Science.

First Class

IPL weeks start on Wednesdays in the Fall semesters and Mondays in the Spring semesters. Be sure to attend your first scheduled laboratory class, which is listed by a specific day and time on your schedule. The IPL classes are located on the 3rd floor of Churchill Hall. All IPL students are divided into groups A and B. Your Group (A or B) can be determined by looking up your Course Registration Number (CRN) and matching it to the list that is posted on the IPL Syllabus page. If it is not posted, or you are unsure, contact your TA or IPL Supervisor. You will perform the first experiment at the first section meeting time.

Non-pharmacy students have biweekly full-labs (6 total): Group A does the 1st experiment during the first week, while Group B during the 2nd week.

PHYS1150 students have weekly half-labs (12 total): Group A at the scheduled class time, while group B at the scheduled time + 1h 25min.

Lab Reports

Please look at the Lab Reports page. The downloadable pdf files give you step-by-step instructions on how to submit your lab reports using “Turnitin” using your Physics Laboratory Blackboard website. Do not use the Lecture course Blackboard site to submit your Lab reports. The Physics Lab and Lecture are paired courses (you cannot take one without the other), but they have separate Blackboard sites and you will have separate grades on your transcript. In addition to an independent 1 credit grade, your Lab grade will factor into your Lecture course grade (see lecture course syllabus). So, if you work hard and take it seriously, doing well in Lab is an easy way to improve your Lecture grade.

Please also be conscientious and take responsibility for your own work. Plagiarism is not allowed and it is automatically monitored using a sophisticated computer analysis program. Please see the Grading and Make-ups section so that you are aware of important grading policies. We ask that you check the Blackboard grade-book site with regularity to make sure that your lab report grade has been registered and graded properly and promptly. If you find discrepancies, please contact your TA immediately. If your labs are not graded properly or in a timely fashion (typically one week), it is important that you contact the Lab Supervisor, Dr. Altunkaynak, or us so that we can remedy the situation.

We hope you have an enjoyable term.


Professor Batishchev
Professor Champion
IPL Co-Directors