NameYearAdvisorThesisFirst Job
Henley, Robert2017WanunuStudying RNA Sequence and Structure Using Solid-State and Hybrid Biomimetic NanoporesPost-doc, Salk Institute, San Diego (HHMI Professor Joe Ecker)
Jin, Ching2017BarabásiStatistical Physics of Complex Substitutive Systems
Song, Younggil2017KarmaTheoretical Modeling of Cellular and Dendritic Solidification Microstructures
Gala, Rohan2017StepanyantsExamining Neuronal Connectivity and Its Role in Learning and Memory
Altman, Ross2017NelsonSystematic Phenomenology on the Landscape of Calabi-Yau Hypersurfaces in Toric Varieties
Bilgin, Ismail2017KarSynthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Coutinho, Bruno2016BarabásiGeometric Graphs, the Cosmic Web and Hypergraphs
Huo, Ran2016IsraeloffCharacterizing the assembly and distribution of protein-nucleic acid complexes using atomic force microscopy in liquid
Mistark, Peter2017BansilTheoretical Studies of Strong Correlations in Cuprates
Nguyen, Trung Kien2017WhitfordQuantifying the Energy Landscape of the Ribosome
Rees, Colin2017KarmaTheoretical Modelling of Cardiac Homeostasis and Long-QT Arrhythmias
Salna, Bridget2017ChampionProton Transport in Proteins and the Role of Quantum Tunneling
Spisak, Andrew2017NathProbing Coannihilation Regions of Supergravity Unification at the LHC
Taylor, Andrew2017BatishchevPlasma Diagnostics Using High Resolution UV-VIS and Vacuum EUV Spectroscopy, verified against Collisional-Radiative Model
Waduge, Pradeep2017WanunuDirect Fabrication of High-quality Freestanding Membranes of Two-dimensional Materials for Single-Molecule Sensing Applications and BeyondSenior Process Engineer, GlobalFoundaries, Malta, New York
de Lima, Rafael2017OrimotoShedding a Light: Beyond the Standard Model Higgs Physics with Photons at CMSPost-doc, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Wang, Ren-Jie2016WoodSearch for Physics Beyond the Standard Model in pp Collisions at the CMS Experiment with a Signature of a Z Boson Plus Missing Transverse EnergyLagrange Post-doc Fellowship, Institut Lagrange de Paris, Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et de Hautes Energies, Pierre and Marie Curie University
Vargas, Anthony2016KarOptical Properties of Nanoscale Bismuth Selenide and Its Heterocrystals
Peris, Charith2016Vrtilek, Remillard, NathAccretion Disk Dynamics in X-Ray Binaries
Nash, David2015WoodThe Search for Single Production of First and Second Generation Letoquarks in pp Collisions at the LHCAthenaHealth, Watertown, MA
Larkin, Joe2016WanunuElectrophoretic Capture of DNA in to Nanopore-Zero-Made Wave Guides foe Efficient Single-Molecule SequencingPost-doc, University of California, San Dego, (Gurol Suel)
Kaufman, Bryan2016NelsonMirage Models Confront the LHC: The Phenomenology of String-Motivated Effective Field TheoriesAssociate Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Carson, Spencer2016WanunuRegulator DNA Transport through Solid-State Nanopores to Study Non-Canonical DNA Structures and Analyze Gene Synthesis ReactionsScientific Account Manager, Genedata, Inc, Lexington, MA
Almaqwashi, Ali2016WilliamsThe Assembly of DNA Threading Intercalaltion Comlexes Quantified from Nano Mechanical Single-Melocule MeasurementsAssistant Professor, King Abdul-Aziz University
Liu, Fangze2015KarPhoton-Electron Interactions in Graphene-Based HeterojunctionsPost-doctoral Research Associate, Los Alamos National Lab, New Mexico
Francescone, David2015NathSupergravity Unification, Dark Matter and the LHC Signatures Post Higgs Boson DIscovery
Wang, Lili2015MenonTitania Nanostructures for Optoelectronics Applications
Soltanieh-ha, Mohammad2015FeiguinInterplay Between Charge, Spin,, and Phonons in Low Dimensional Strongly Interacting SystemsScientist, Infor, Cambridge, MA
Li, Jialin2015WilliamsComplex DNA Binding Kinetics of HIV-1 Nucleocapsid ProteinsJava Developer, Baanyan Software Services, Inc.
Jamer, Michelle2015HeimanSynthesis and Characterization of Novel Magnetic Heusler Semiconductors for Device and Materials ApplicationsNational Research Consortium Post-doctoral Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Center for Neutron Research
Ghiassian, Susan2015BarabásiNetwork Medicine: A Network-Based Approach to Human DiseasesSenior Scientist, DZZOM, Network Medicine Company
Chasco, Matthew2015WoodFishing for New Physics with Massive Neutral Dibosons: Measurements of ZZ Production Cross Section and the Search for Invisible Higgs Boson Decays Beyond the Standard Model with the CMS Detector at the LHCLTC/Finance Training Engineer, MathWorks, Natick, MA
Baumgartel, Darin2015BarberisThe Search for the Pair Production of Second-Generation Scalar Leptoquarks and Measurements of the Differential Cross Sections of the W Boson Produced in Association with Jets with the CMS Detector at LHCSenior Data Engineer Associate, Athenahealth, Watertown, MA
Chapeton, Julio2014StepanyantsSteady-State Learning and Synaptic Connectivity in Local Cortical Networks of Excitatory and Inhibitory NeuronsPost-doc, NIH
Zhang, Jinzhong2014AlversonSearch for the Stueckelberg Z' Decaying into Dimuon Pairs at CMS/LHCQuantitative Data Analyst, Future Wei Technologies, Santa Clara, CA
Mocanu, Delia2014VespignaniData Science and Spatio-Temporal Resolved Social NetworksData Scientist, Capital One Labs, Arlington, VA
Ciulla, Fabio2014VespignaniDiffusion Processes in Geographical NetworksData Scientist, Quid, San Francisco, CA
Akula, Sujeet2014NathExploring Models of Supergravity Grand Unification wth LHC and Dark Matter PhenomenologyPost-doc, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Liu, Mengxi2014NathTheory Space of Supersymmetry in View of LHC Data on Higgs and SUSY Mass LimitsSenior Associate for Risk, Discover Services
Halu, Arda2014BianconiDynamics of and on Complex NetworksPost-doc, MIT
Assaf, Badih2014HeimanMagnetotransport in Thin Films and Heterostructures of Topological MatterJunior Research Chair, Physics Depart. École Normale Supérieure Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain
Sun, Yuhan2014ChampionInvestigations of Protein Induced Heme Distortion Using Raman and Vibrational Coherence SpectroscopyThe Capital Group
Ou, Yangpeng2013SokoloffInvestigations of Mechanical Properties of Polymer Brushes and Hydrogels Through Molecular Dynamics SimulationBackend Software Software, Pocket Gems, San Francisco, CA
Ma, Zheng2013MenonSynthesis, Properties, and Applications of GaN NanowiresWafer Fab Sustaining Engineer, JDS Uniphase Corp.
Peim, Gregory2014NathMulticomponent Dark Matter: Possible SIgnatures at Colliders, Satellites, and Underground ExperimentsAnalyst, National Basketball Association, Houston Rockets
Wang, Dashun2013BarabásiStatistical Physics in the Era of Big DataResearch Staff Member, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, White Plains, NY
Holmes, Michael2010NelsonDark Matter and Collider Phenomenology of Non-Universal Gaugino MassesPhysics Teaching for Primary/Secondary Education, Boylston MA
Wu, Hao2013WilliamsNucleic Acid Chaperone Activity of Retroviral Nucleocapsid ProteinsUniversity of California, Berkeley
Zhao, Kun2013BianconiStatistical Mechanics of Temporal and Interacting NetworksPost-doctoral Fellow, CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia
Wang, Yung-Jui2013BansilModeling Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy in Correlated Materials and Topological InsulatorsPost-doc, Northeastern University (A. Bansil)
Song, Zhen2013KarmaCellular Mechanisms of Calcium-Mediated Triggered ActivityPost-doctoral Fellowship, Division of Cardiology, UCLA
Chaurasiya, Kathy2013WilliamsOptical Tweezers Reveal How Proteins Alter ReplicationPost-doc, Imperial College, London (D. Rueda)
Adland, Ari2013KarmaPhase-Field Crystal Modeling of Polycrystalline MaterialsInternal Consultant, Ab Initio Software
Mokashi, Anish2012KravchenkoExperimental Studies of Electron Transport and Thermopower in Strongly Correlated Two-Dimensional Electron Systems
Moser, David2012Stepanyants & KingEntropy and Energy in Quantum Networks
Wang, Nan2012KarmaPhase-Field Studies of Materials InterfacesPost-doc, Florida State University
Abdelmoula, Mohamed2011MenonOptical, Electrical, and Catalytic Properties of Titania NanotubesPost-doc, Carnegie Mellon, Department of Materials Science & Engineering (M. Skowronski)
Wanzhe Feng2012Tomasz TaylorPhysics of Massive SuperstringsVisiting Scholar, Department of Physics, HKUST
Escobar, Gina2010StepanyantsStatistical Theory of Synaptic Connectivity in the NeocortexSwartz Fellow, Brandeis University (Van Hooser)
Fares, Tarec2010StepanyantsStructure and Plasticity Potential of Neural Networks in the Cerebral CortexFinancial Software Developer, Bloomberg
Basak, Susmita2012BansilTheoretical Modeling of Various Spectroscopies for Cuprates and Topological InsulatorsPost-doc, Northeastern University (A. Bansil)
Huang, Yongjian2011SridharNegative Refraction iin Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials for Transformation Optics
Altunkaynak, Ismet (Baris)2011NelsonConnecting String Theory to Particle Physics at the LHCLecturer, Northeastern University
Facini, Gabriel2011WoodThe Road to the Higgs in p p-bar Collisions at sqrt(s)= 1.96 TeVCERN Fellow
Zhang, Jingyun2011IsraeloffScanning Probe Microscopy and Computational Simulation of Polymers and BiopolymersQuantitative Associate, Standard and Poors, New York
Paramanathan, Thayaparan2011WilliamsDrug-DNA Interactions at Single Molecule Level: A View with Optical TweezersPost-doc, Brandeis University (J. Gelles)
Al-sawai, Wael2011BansilVibrational Dynamics of Heme Proteins: A Study by Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy and Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Zeng, Weiqiao2010SageVibrational Dynamics of Heme Proteins: A Study by Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy and Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Gultepe, Evin2010SridharPhysics of Nanoplatforms and Their Applications in Nanomanufacturing and NanomedicinePost-doc, Johns Hopkins University (D. Gracias)
Vladescu, Ioana2007WilliamsInvestigation of Drug-DNA Interactions Using Single Molecule Force SpectroscopyPost-doc, BU (A. Meller), Biomedical Engineering
Gurevich, Sebastian2007KarmaPhase-Field Modeling of Three-Dimensional Cellular and Dendritic Patterns in Directional Solidification and Nanoporosity Formation in Dealloying…
Drosdoff, David2007WidomQuantum Continuum Mechanics
Gonzalez, Javier2007ReucroftUltra High Energy Cosmic Ray Muon Size Spectrum: A Hint on CompositionPost-doc, LSU (R. McNeil)
Haxhimali, Tomorr2006KarmaPhase-Field Simulation study of Dendritic Crystal Growth Morphologies for Cubic and Hexagonal Symmetries
Leu, Bogdan2006SageNuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy: A Quantitative Picture of Iron Dynamics in Heme Proteins and Model Compounds
Crider, Philip2006IsraeloffInvestigating Local Nanometer-Scale Dynamics in Glassy Systems with Scanning Probe Microscopy
Vodo, Plarenta2006SridharLeft-Handed MetamaterialsAssistant Professor, Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, MO
Wu, Kuo-An2006KarmaOrder-Parameter Models of Microstructural Evolution
Psinas, Anastasios2006NathString Cosmology
Venkatesan, Ananth2005KravchenkoQuantum Phase Transitions and Interference Phenomena in Two Dimensional Electronic SystemsPost-doc, U. of British Columbia (J. Folk)
Ionascu, Traian2005ChampionTemperature Dependent Investigations of Ultrafast Ligand Rebinding to Heme Proteins
Anissimova, Svetlana2005KravchenkoThermodynamic and Transport Studies of the Metal-Insulator Transition in Two-Dimensional SystemsPost-doc, Boston University (B. Goldberg)
Syed, Raza2005NathCouplings in SO(10) Grand Unification
Cruceanu, Margareta2005WilliamsSingle DNA Molecule Stretching Studies of Nucleic Acid Chaperone Proteins from Retroviruses and LINE-1 Retrotransponson
Shaffner, Stuart2005JoséComplex Behavior in Classical/Quantum Chaos and in Biological Self-Organizing Systems
Dakhama, Abdellah2005PerryMBE Growth and Characterization of III-V Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors and Near-field Scanning Spectroscopy
Barabanschikov, Alexander2004TaylorAspects of D-Branes in String Theory
Sinnathamby, Koneswaran2004IsraeloffNanometer Scale Dynamics and Local Aging Effects in Glassy Polymers Probed by non-Gaussian 1/f Noise
McCauley, Thomas2004SwainOn the Anisotropy and Nature of Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays
Rahimi, Maryam2004KravchenkoTransport Measurements 2D Electron Systems
Khorsand, Peyman2004TaylorSuperstrings, D-Branes, and Boundary Conformal Field Theories
Pant, Kiran2004WilliamsSingle Molecule Force Spectroscopy Studies of T4 DNA Replication and Recombination Proteins: T4 Gene 32 Protein and uvsY
Somu, Sivasubramanian2004WidomSuperradiant Phase Transitions
Cao, Wenxiang2003ChampionInvestigations of Kinetics and Dynamics of Heme Proteins Using Flash Photolysis Experiments
Kusko, Cristian2003MarkiewiczCompeting Order Parameters in High Tc Superconductors
Corsetti, Achille2003NathTheoretical Analyses for the Detection of Dark Matter in Supersymmetric Model
Sakr, Mohammed R.2003KravchenkoTransport Studies in the Metal-Insulator Transition in Two-Dimensional Systems
Lu, Wentao T.2001WuContributions in Statistical Physics: Exactly soluble models and quantum chaos
Hakim, Nazih M.2003SridharMicrowave Investigation of the Internetallic Superconductor MgB2 and Insulating and Superconducting Oxides
Ye, Xiong2003ChampionUltrafast Photophysical and Photochemical Studies of Meme Proteins
Rosca, Florin2001ChampionInvestigations of Low Frequency Modes in Heme Proteins Using Femtosecond Coherence Spectroscopy
Fotopoulos, Angelos2001TaylorAspects of Duality in Quantum Field Theory and Superstring Theory
Pance, Kristi2001SridharMicrowave Experiments on Quantum Chaos and Tunneling
Kumar, Anand T.N.2000ChampionTheoretical Investigations in Femtosecond Coherence Spectroscopy
Munteanu, Florin M.2000PerryMagneto-Optical Experiments in GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures
Wang, Wei2000ChampionInvestigations of Photophysical and Photochemical Processes in Heme Proteins through Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy and Low Temperature Absorption Spectroscopy
Zhai, Zhiyong2000SridharMicrowave Electrodynamics of Superconducting and Nonsuperconducting Oxides
Villa, Stefano2000ReucroftMeasurement of the Triple Gauge Couplings of the W Boson at LEP2
Kidambi, Venkatesh V.1999WidomStudies in Measurement, Correlation Functions and Noise
Lo, Tak-shing1999KarmaModeling of Microstructural Pattern Formation in Peritectic Alloys
Fenton, Flavio H.1999KarmaTheoretical Investigation of Spiral and Scroll Wave Instabilities Underlying Cardiac Fibrillation Post-doc, Long Island Jewish Medical Center
Dasgupta, Tarakeshwar1999NathSupersymmetry and Unification
Choudhury, Durga P.1999SridharHigh Frequency Electrodynamic Response of Novel Superconductors: Fundamentals and Applications
Palit, Sudeshna1998ReucroftAn Upper Limit for the τ Neutrino Mass
Chan, Kwok Lung1998NathNaturalness and the Prospects of Discovering Supersymmetry at Accelerators
Lee, Youngyih Han1998KarmaTheory of Dendritic Growth in Undercooled Melts
Kopczynski, Przemyslaw1998KarmaNumerical Studies of Micro-structural Patters Formation in Directional Solidification of Dilute Binary Alloys using Boundary-Integral and Phase Field Methods
Chattopadhyay, Utpal1998NathConstraining Supergravity Models of the Brookhaven Experiment on the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon
Ibrahim, Tarek1998NathCP Violation Effects in N=1 Supergravity Unification
Tomassone, Maria Silvina1998SokoloffFundamentals of Friction at the Atomic Level: Phonon and Electronic Contributions to Sliding Friction
Gibbons, Francis D.1998JoséPhysics of Complex Systems: Capacitive Josephson-junction Arrays and Microtubule-Molecular Motor Dynamics
Bonetto, Carlos A.1997IsraeloffMesoscopic Studies of Superconducting Wire Network
Zhang, Baoshan1997MarkiewiczStudies of Zeolite Structures with Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Beams
Gau, Syan-Sheng1997SwainMeasurement of the Tau Lepton Anomalous Electromagnetic Dipole Moment from Tau-Antitau-Gamma Decay Channel at the Z Peak in the LEP Collider Machine
Huang, Hsin-Yi1997WuExact Soluble Models in Two and Higher Dimensions
Pant, Prateek1997WuApplications of Exactly Soluble Models in Statisical Mechanics
Abulseoud, Ashraf Ali1997TaylorGeneral Coupling of the Linear and Chiral Multiplets to Supergravity
Kim, Yongmin1996PerryOptical Studies of Semiconductor Heterostructures in Pulsed Magnetic Fields
Daly, Christopher1996KrimPhonon Energy Dissopation in the Nanotribology of Rare Gas Films
Mak, Chihong1996KrimQuartz Crystal Microbalance Studies of the Dependence of Atomic Scale Friction on Velocity, Chemical Properties and Interfacial Topology
Mamales, Petros1996NathSupergravity SU(5) GUT Models and Comparison with the LEP Data
Chen, Huanjin1996WidomStudies of Diffusion and Restricted Diffusion in Biological Systems with PGSE and MRI Techniques
Badrinarayanan, Raghavan1996JoséQuantum Chaos in Time-periodic Hamilonians
Gomez, Mario1996GoldbergLepton Flavor Violation in Supersymmetric Unified Models
Amidi, Erfan1996ReucroftA Search for the Top Quark Using Artificial Neural Networks
Lucic, Vladan1996SrivastavaTopics in High Energy Physics
Rojas, Cristian1995JoséQuantum Phase Transitions in Arrays of Ultrasmall Josephson Junctions
Tian, Wei-dong1995ChampionTemperature, pH and Viscosity Dependent Kinetics and Dynamics of Heme Proteins
Kudrolli, Arshad1995SridharExperiments on Quantum and Electromagnetic Chaos
Willemsen, Balam A.1995SridharVortex Dynamics at Microwave and Radio Frequencies in High TC and Other Layered Superconductors
Galindo, Carlos1995SokoloffModeling of Interacting Molecules in Solution Using the Potential of Mean Force
Okamura, Hidekazu1995PerryInterband Spectroscopies of Wide Parabolic GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells in High Magnetic Fields
Johari, Hossein1995YasudaSearch for W pair production in pp collisions at √s=1.8 TeV
Demina, Regina1994Reucroftχc production in pp Collisions at √s=1.8 TeV
Sarkissian, Armand1994KarmaTheoretical modeling of banded and eutectic solidification microstructures
Zhu, Leyun1994ChampionHeme protein Structure and Dynamics Revealed through CW and Ultrafast Vibrational Spectroscopy
Dlugosz, Wieslaw1994GlaubmanThe Production of High pT π0 in 515 GeV/c π- Nucleus Collisions
Chang, Paoti1994GarelickMassive π0π0, π0π- and π0π+ Production from 515 GeV/c π- Collisions with Beryllium and Copper Targets
Palasantzas, George1994KrimX-ray reflectivity and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of Kinetic Roughening of Silver Films
Gu, Yuangang1994ChampionPhotoreduction, Optical Lineshape and Raman Studies of Heme Proteins
Sassaroli, Elisabetta1994SrivastavaPhoton and Fermion Pair Production through Modulations of the QED Vacuum
Li, Pusheng1994ChampionRaman Scattering Studies of Heme Proteins
Digel, Jeanne Geczi1993LoBruttoMagnetic Resonance Studies of Metal-Nucleotide Binding Proteins Using MnII as a Paramagnetic Probe
Owliaei, Jaleh1993WidomMicrowave Studies on the High Temperature Superconducting Y1Ba2Cu3O7
Yuan, Tao1993Widom Computational and Microwave Studies on High-TC Superconducting Y1Ba2CuzO7-x
Zhang, Chuanfang1993LoBruttoCoordination Studies of VO (IV) Bond to S-Adenosylmethionine Synthetase Using Electron Magnetic Resonances
Wei, Yanzhen1992SridharMicrowave Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy of Liquids
Panella, Vania1992KrimAdsoprtion Isotherms as Characterization of Self-affine Surface Roughness
Lu, Feng1992WidomOptical Studies of Novel Materials: High Temperature Superconductors and Group IV Based Semiconductors
Jiang, Hua1992WidomTransport and Microwave properties of YBa2Cu3O7-x Superconducting Films
Huang, Yizhou1992WidomSuperconducting Quantum Interference Effects in Nanostructure Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide
Ma, Ling1992PerryStudies of GaAs/AlGaAs Coupled Double Quantum Wells
Sfiat, Sid Ahmed1992ArgyresTheory of Interband Tunneling in Pure and Impure Crystals
Panella, Orlando1991SrivastavaPart I - Phenomenology of Particle Physics:(a) Signals of new physics at SSC and LHC, (b) Top production at LEP II, Part II - Casimir Effects for charged Particles
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Ramirez-Santiago, Guillermo1991JoséGauge-Invariant correlation Functions in the Two Dimensional X-Y Model with Full and Random Frustration
Serageldin, Ahmedelhadi1991BansilA Study of Shockley States on Ideal Semi-Infinite Surfaces of Compositionally Disordered Alloys
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Brozak, Gregory1990PerrySaturated Miniband Transport in Semiconductor Superlattices
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Chiarello, Ronald1990KrimRoughness Characterization of Gold and Silver Surfaces and the Wetting Behavior of Physisorbed Films Studied by a Combined Quartz Crystal Microbalance and X-ray Reflectivity Technique
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Badjou, Salah1990WidomTopics in Condensed Matter Theory: I. Theory of Cyclotron Resonance Power Absorption in Electron-Phonon Systems, II. Suppression of the Josephson Critical Current by Quantum Electrodynamic Nyquist Noise, Theory of Phase Transition in Quasicharge Space in
Wu, Xue-Ning1990WuGeneral Vertex Model: Exact Results and Finite-Size Analyses
Kennedy, William1990SridharMicrowave Electrodynamics of High Tc Superconductors
Lee, Kyu-Seok1990PerryMagneto-Optical Investigations of (AlGa)As-GaAs Quantum Wells and Related Structures
Morikis, Dimitrios1990ChampionResonance Raman Investigations of Heme Proteins in the Liquid, Frozen and Crystalline Phase: A Study of the Heme Pocket of Myoglobin
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Ho, Wen1989ShiffmanDestruction of Global Superconductivity of Non-ohmic Resistivity in Quench-condensed Films of Tin
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