Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Emeritus Matthews Distinguished Professor of Physics
PhD Washington University, St. Louis, 1963

Research Summary:

Emeritus Professor Wu is a condensed matter theorist whose research interest is in many-body theory, exact and rigorous analyses of models in statistical physics, and related topics in mathematics. He is well-known for his 1982 review on the Potts model [Rev. Mod. Phys. 54, (1982) 235-268], a paper which has drawn over 1,100 citations, and his 1968 solution with E. H. Lieb of the one-dimensional Hubbard model [Phys. Rev. Lett. 20, (1968) 1445-1448] which has had 1,600+ citations. The full account of the Lieb-Wu solution appeared only recently in a special 2003 issue of the Physica A commemorating his 70th birthday.

Professor Wu has published over 220 papers and monographs. He is best-known for his contributions in the study of the role played by integrable models in topics in pure mathematics, including graph theory, number theory, combinatorics, and knot theory. He has written a comprehensive review [Rev. Mod. Phys. 64, (1992) 1099-1131] on the subject matter of statistical mechanics and knot invariants. Over the years his papers have drawn thousands of citations and his research has received uninterrupted NSF support for 38 years with an accumulated total of well over one million dollars. His most recent research deals with exact results on model systems in lattice statistics. A list of his papers and pdf files can be found in the link List of Publications below.

Professor Wu has visited numerous universities and institutions worldwide, and has served in 1983-84 at the National Science Foundation as the Director of the Condensed Matter Theory Program. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society since 1973 and a permanent member of the Chinese Physical Society, Taipei. He is an Honorary Professor of the Beijing Normal University and the Chinese Southwest Normal University, and an Honorary Guest Professor of the Nankai University.

Recent Publications:

F.Y. Wu, W. J. Tzeng and N. Sh. Izmailian, “Exact Solution of a Monomer-dimer Problem: A Single Boundary Monomer on a Nonbipartite Lattice“, Physical Review E 83, 011106 (2011).

C. Ding, Z. Fu, W. Guo, and F.Y. Wu, “Critical Frontier of the Potts and Percolation Models on Triangular-type and Kagome-type Lttices: II, Numerical Analysis“, Physical Review E 81, 061111 (2010).

F.Y. Wu, “Critical Frontier of the Potts and Percolation Models on Triangular-type and Kagome-type Lattices: I. Closed Form Expressions“, Physical Review E 81, 06110 (2010).

F.Y. Wu and J.E. Essam, “The Exact Evaluation of the Corner-to-Corner Resistance of an M x N Resistor Network: Asymptotic Expansion“, J. Phys. A 42, 025205 (2009).

F.Y. Wu, B.M. McCoy, M.E. Fisher and L. Chayes, “Comment on a Recent Conjectured Solution of the Three-Dimensional Ising Model” Phil. Mag. 88, 3093-3095 (2008).

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