North­eastern Uni­ver­sity has received a five-​​year, $1.15 mil­lion grant from the National Insti­tutes of Health’s National Cancer Insti­tute to train the next gen­er­a­tion of cancer nanomed­i­cine sci­en­tists and clin­i­cians through a unique expe­ri­en­tial learning program.

The grant aligns with Northeastern’s focus on dis­cov­ering solu­tions to global chal­lenges in health, one of the university’s three pro­gram­matic pillars.

Nan­otech­nology is leading to break­throughs in diag­nosis and therapy of many dis­eases, par­tic­u­larly cancer, leading to the new dis­ci­pline of cancer nanomed­i­cine,” said prin­cipal inves­ti­gator Srinivas Sridhar, Northeastern’s Arts and Sci­ence Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of PhysicsBio­engi­neering, and Chem­ical Engi­neering, and the director of the university’s IGERT Nanomed­i­cine Sci­ence and Tech­nology pro­gram. “Advances in the field are begin­ning to have rev­o­lu­tionary impact on healthcare.”

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