Congratulations to Assistant Professor Swastik Kar who has received an NSF Career Award.

The 5-year, $400K NSF Career grant has been awarded to Prof. Kar to investigate how the unique electronic properties of graphene impacts the nature of photo-induced carrier injection, transport and recombination at heterojunctions of graphene with a range of semiconductors and nanomaterials; and to potentially harness these mechanisms for various advanced optoelectronic applications. Photo-induced carriers injected across a heterojunction into graphene demonstrate a number of unusual and intellectually stimulating properties. A comprehensive investigation of these carrier dynamics will lead to rich new physical insights related to the nature of injection/recombination across atomically thin interfaces, and its interplay with ultrafast mobility and constrained density of states in graphene. The fundamental physics and  knowledge thus acquired will be utilized to develop a range of exceptionally sensitive photo-switching, photo-harvesting, photometry, imaging, and spectrometric applications.