Prof. Swastik Kar has been awarded a grant of $308,907 by the National Science Foundation to support a program to investigate and develop high performance photoswitches using carbon nanotube – Si heterojunctions for optoelectronic logic devices,. This is a 3-year award starting May, 2012. Prof. Young J. Jung of MIE department is the Co-PI on this award.

The objective of this program is to investigate the underlying physics of a novel photoresponse behavior in single-wall carbon nanotube – silicon based heterojunction architectures. A combination of experimental and theoretical studies will be used to understand the origin of this phenomenon, that could ultimately lead to low-cost, high-performance optoelectronics. The role of novel mechanisms such as the multiple exciton generation process, and the impact of band structure of carbon nanotubes-silicon heterojunctions on carrier injection will be investigated. Unfolding the physics of the newly observed phenomenon and its application in advanced optoelectronic architectures comprise a transformative research thrust and is in excellent alignment with Northeastern’s strong focus on use-inspired research, especially in new materials for energy research. This program also includes compelling educational and research experiences for graduate, undergraduate and high-school students.