Professor George Alverson met this week with local high school physics teachers to help test and revise the Quarknet Masterclass exercise, which will be used this spring nation-wide. At a session held at Roxbury Latin School, he met with (L to R, back row first) Mike Hirsh (Needham HS), Gary Shelter (Silver Lake HS), Rick Dower (Roxbury Latin School, host), George Odell (North Andover HS), Kris Whelan (U of Washington), Amanda Bragan (Dedham HS), GA. Not shown: Ken Cecire (University of Notre Dame) [taking picture]. Quarknet is jointly funded by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy and is designed to connect high school teachers (and their students) to current research in high energy physics. At Northeastern, Professors Alverson, Emanuela Barberis, and Darien Wood act as Quarknet mentors. Northeastern also acts as host to a sister effort, TheoryNet, which connects high energy theorists with high school students.