The CMS collaboration (represented at Northeastern by Professors George Alverson, Emanuela Barberis, and Darien Wood, post-doctoral fellow Daniele Trocino, and graduate students Darin Baumgartel, Matt Chasco, David Nash, and Jinzhong Zhang) recently submitted its one-hundredth physics paper for publication. The magic number 100 was taken by “Measurement of the Drell-Yan Cross Section in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV”, which was submitted to the Journal of High Energy Physics. Paper number 1 was on the construction of the experiment and was published in 2008, the next 24 were on the commissioning of the experiment, and the remaining 75 are results of searches for the Higgs and other exotic particles, and new measurements at higher energy of previously known physics, such as quantum chromodynamics, quark-gluon matter, and top quarks. The pace of publication has been accelerating as the rate of data delivered by the LHC has increased many-fold since the initial running. The presentation of results at the Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics at Grenoble last week has led to heightened expectations of exciting physics as a result of this year’s data-taking period, and they expect to see even more publications soon. Timeline