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Digging up some media appearances

It was a busy week for Drs. Geoff Davies and Elham Ghabbour, members of the Humic Acid Research Group.


Physics Grad Wins Dept. of Energy Award

Graduated Northeastern physics student Tanmoy Das has won a High Performance Computing Achievement Award.


Fighting NTDs Through Crowdfunding

Professor Michael Pollastri is creating a new platform to share data with international researchers focused on neglected tropical diseases.

Fall Foliage

Report shows Northeastern spinoffs help fuel economic growth

Three Northeastern spinoff companies were highlighted in a recent report by The Science Coalition as examples of how federally funded university research and the companies created from that work can boost the U.S. economy.


Crowdfunding drug discovery

The secrecy model that dominates drug discovery doesn’t work for neglected tropical diseases. Associate Professor Michael Pollastri hopes to shift that paradigm with a new platform for secure data-sharing.

Marine Science Center

UCSI presents Dr. Edward B. Barbier

Dr. Edward B. Barbier’s main expertise is natural resource and development economics as well as the interface between economics and ecology.

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New research takes aim at heart’s ‘safe zone’

Sudden car­diac arrest is the leading cause of death in the indus­tri­al­ized world. How­ever, it’s not well under­stood and is chal­lenging to both pre­dict and effec­tively pre­vent.


Making science relatable through journalism

Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato is a science journalist who writes for such outlets as National Geographic, Everyday Health, and Scientific American. She was the #sciencechat guest on Wednesday, October 23, 2013.


Research in the Rockies

Biology and environmental science student Clint Valen­tine is always searching for his next big adven­ture.

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Ancient bacteria go under the lens

Every fourth breath you take comes from cyanobac­teria, which pop­u­late the planet’s waters.

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