Manipulating The Microbiome

The human microbiome is one of the most complex communities of species on the planet. It is the collection of all the microbial organisms in our bodies, the number of which is about 10 times greater than that of our own cells. One day, a better understanding of the human microbiome could allow researchers to […]

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Collaborating to Fight Cancer with Knowledge

Researchers at Northeastern University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have long recognized and taken advantage of the complementary strengths of the two institutions. “Our collaboration with Dana-Farber has been rich over the years,” said Stephen Zoloth, Northeastern’s dean of academic affairs for external programs and vice provost for health research. “But it has generally been […]

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The Risk of Carrying a Cup of Coffee

Object manipulation or tool use is almost a uniquely human trait, said Dagmar Sternad, director of Northeastern’s Action Lab, a research group interested in movement coordination. “Not only does it require certain cognitive abilities but also distinct motor abilities.” Simply moving one’s own body, for instance by directing a hand toward a coffee cup, requires the […]

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3Qs: Health Care For Neglected Populations

For the first time in its nearly two decade history, this year’s World Health Report — issued biannually by the World Health Organization intended to help countries, donor agencies, international organizations and others make policy and funding decisions — will focus on the theme of research for better health. In anticipation of the report’s release, […]

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Northeastern Opens Waters Center of Innovation

Northeastern University hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday to commemorate the new home of the Waters Laboratory at 140 The Fenway. The lab, designated as a Waters Center of Innovation, is run by John R. Engen, professor of chemistry, and is the cornerstone of the university’s 40-year partnership with the Massachusetts-based Waters Corporation — a […]

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Prof. Zupanc Steps Down as Chair of Biology Department

Prof. Gunther Zupanc has stepped down as chair of the Department of Biology. Under Prof. Zupanc’s leadership, the department has accomplished many significant milestones. He created the Undergraduate Research Laboratory; he helped establish the Andrew I. Schafer Co-op Research Fund for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine; and he redesigned and created new […]

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A New Model For Our ‘Bursty Behavior’

It’s a rather unsurprising idea: Humans do things in bursts of activity. “We do not do things uniformly,” said Albert-László Barabási, a Distinguished Professor of Physics with joint appointments in the College of Science and the College of Computer and Information Science and founding director of Northeastern’s world-leading Center for Complex Network Research. Instead, he […]

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‘Happinomics’: The Science of Money and Emotion

Who doesn’t think they’d be happier if they had more money to spend on themselves or donate to others? That was the question Boston public radio host Robin Young posed to an audience of about 200 community members at the Museum of Science last Thursday. In an event hosted by Northeastern’s Affective Science Institute, Young […]

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Diving into Chemistry

Krista Wager, who will graduate on Friday with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry, has authored five research papers, including two review articles, over the last four years at Northeastern. “I call it the dive-in approach,” she said of writing a review article. “You have to completely immerse yourself in the literature.” The […]

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