Jackie Horman

The real NCIS

The foren­sics lab isn’t nearly as glam­orous as tele­vi­sion would have you think. Jacquelyn Horman would know. The chem­istry major had watched her fair share of the police pro­ce­dural dramas NCIS and CSI: Miami before landing a co-​​op job with the crime lab at the Mesa, Ariz., police depart­ment. The lab work — not glitzy but crit­ical to inves­ti­ga­tions — strength­ened her interest in the field, she said.

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Using Salamanders to Study Regeneration

Dr. James Monaghan, an assistant professor of regeneration biology at Northeastern University, has been studying the Mexican axolotl salamander’s amazing regenerative properties to discover the cellular and genetic basis of tissue regeneration — findings that could have a huge impact on regenerative medicine.

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