Northeastern Receives $8M For Renewable Energy Research

The latest in a series of federally-funded programs supporting the university’s three major research themes – health, security and sustainability – Northeastern’s Center for Renewable Energy Technology (NUCRET) has received six federal grants totaling more than $8 million to conduct research that

Neuroscientist Wins $1.6M NIH Grant

Carrying a virtual cup of coffee can provide insights into how the central nervous system works and may open new avenues for intervention for neurologically impaired people, according to research conducted by Dagmar Sternad. A professor of biology at Northeastern, with joint

Doing The Math On Where People Go

Network scientists at Northeastern University have created a mathematical model that can simulate human mobility over the course of several months or even years. The results of the study were reported this week in the online edition of Nature Physics

A Common Flower With Uncommon Value

Two Northeastern professors studying the potential of the Madagascar periwinkle plant to yield new cancer-fighting drugs have received a $550,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to advance their research. Carolyn Lee-Parsons, associate professor of chemical engineering, and Erin Cram,

The Future Of Drug Development

John Engen, associate professor of chemistry and chemical biology, is at the forefront of research that will advance drug discovery and development by making it easier to analyze certain kinds of proteins, their role in disease, and their interactions with

Racing Down The Neural Highway

This weekend, two Northeastern University researchers will take part in a highly selective international competition that seeks to unravel the mysteries of the brain’s neural networks, thereby laying groundwork for breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience. Assistant professors Armen Stepanyants,

Exploring Behavioral Neurobiology

Professor Günther K.H. Zupanc, Chair of Northeastern’s Department of Biology, specializes in behavioral, developmental, and comparative neurobiology. This summer, a new edition of his textbook Behavioral Neurobiology: An Integrative Approach was published by Oxford University Press. Over the past few years, this book

What Can A Wide-Eyed, Talking Robot Teach Us About Trust?

A lot, according to Northeastern psychology professor David DeSteno, and his colleagues, who are conducting innovative research to determine how humans decide to trust strangers — and if those decisions are accurate. (Read a Boston Globe article about this research.) The interdisciplinary research

Ant Colonies Share Disease Resistance

A Northeastern University biology professor and her team of student researchers have discovered that the social feeding habits of carpenter ants reduce disease transmission and widespread infection within the colony, in much the same way that a mother’s milk helps her child

Northeastern Appoints “Founding Dean” of New College of Science

Northeastern University has appointed Dr. J. Murray Gibson to be the founding dean of its College of Science, one of three new, distinct colleges being launched by the university this fall. As the College of Science’s first dean, Gibson has the

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