Gossip Triggers Defensive Response

Unflattering gossip about our friends, family members — even down-and-out movie stars — shapes our visual perception of these individuals and provides a looking glass into how we subconsciously protect ourselves from harm, according to a new study led by

From Co-Op To President: Ouellette’s Journey To The Top

Back in 1976, David Ouellette was looking for a co-op through Northeastern. In fact, the opportunities available through co-op are what attracted the chemistry major to the University. Paving a Career Path Ouellette found a co-op at Chemtan Company, Inc.,

Getting Inside The Control Mechanisms Of Complex Systems

Northeastern University researchers are offering a fascinating glimpse into how greater control of complex systems, such as cellular networks and social media, can be achieved by merging the tools of network science and control theory. Albert-László Barabási and Yang-Yu Liu coauthored

Jellyfish ‘Fingerprints’

Annette Govindarajan is fascinated with studying jellyfish, specifically their complex life cycles. That passion was forged years ago after working with hydrozoans, a jelly of the stinging variety. “I was intrigued by how they could occupy different parts of the

Unraveling The Mysteries Of High Temperature Superconductors

Superconductors are perfect conductors with zero resistance. They can carry currents without loss of electrical energy as waste heat. Most materials however become superconducting only at very low temperatures, requiring expensive cooling. Northeastern University Prof. Arun Bansil and his team

Doughnuts, Soccer Balls And Exotic Topological Insulators

If you’re familiar with topology, you will know that a doughnut and a coffee cup are the same–topologically speaking–but differ from a soccer ball. Researchers here at Northeastern University are taking these ideas a step further. Theoretical physicist Prof. Arun

Northeastern Alumnus Creates Scholarship For Medical Research Students

A Northeastern University alumnus is helping future researchers advance in the field of medicine. Dr. Andrew Schafer, LA’69 Biology, recently established the Andrew I. Schafer, M.D. Co-op Research Fund, which provides a co-op scholarship to a students conducting laboratory medical

Math, Biochemistry Major wins Goldwater Scholarship

Northeastern junior Jose Orozco won a 2011 Goldwater Scholarship. Northeastern junior Jose Orozco recently won a 2011 Goldwater Scholarship, an honor that recognizes outstanding undergraduate academic achievement in mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering. Orozco, a mathematics and biochemistry double major,

Revising a Classical Model of Sympatric Speciation

A snail discovery is promising to shake up the age-old concept of species formation. Northeastern University graduate student Meredith Doellman along with her advisors, Professors Geoff Trussell and Steve Vollmer and John Grahame – a collaborator from the University of

Fish May Change The Way We Look At Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are devastating, but fish may be the key to finding a cure. Research shows adult fish that sustain a spinal cord injury have the miraculous ability to not only regenerate the spinal cord, these fish see a

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